Fun things to do for January, rather than cutting down

Rather than denying yourself/stopping doing things/forcing yourself to do things, what fun and interesting things are you planning to do more of in January?

I got given the travel-sized version of this book as a gift. I guess I’ll fill it up and do all the drawing prompts.


Sorry, you’ve lost me.


i saw a book in foyles (i think it was foyles) and wondered if it was one of yours

I haven’t written any books I’m afraid. Feel free to send me the royalties regardless.

Are you still doing that colouring book? Is it on white paper? Mrs HYG has taken it up and it looks annoyingly relaxing.

oh right, i thought you’d done some designs for some books. If I had access to the royalties, I’d give you some of them and take the rest for myself.

Yep, still got some. Available from here- plus 10% new year discount if you put 2017 in the box at the checkout.

For work I have done a lot of boring stuff like catalogues, in-house magazines and educational materials, but nothing you’d find at Foyles.

My dream would be to do some covers/bindings for the Folio Society.

Didnt have fun

You can get a grim satisfaction from your relentless trudge towards the grave?

Nope, still not getting it.

We’ll just store you in a cupboard, out of the way then.

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Outside or on the computer?

Go and see stuff I’ve not heard of at the cinema

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Went to Sigma Sports the other day that they had a couple of bikes set up with Zwift. Looks mega fun.

Dry January can suck my balls. Just bought tickets to this

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That doesn’t look like a buoy to me. Poor attempt. D-.

I thought it said buby!