Fun touch typing thread


this is a fun idea, everyone reply to this post withouy looking at their keybora while they are ytping

please be honerst



Hey friwbours Tim

I am absolutely dfucking useless at touch typing.

BNloosdy hell that wasnty as bad as I thought

i think ebetyone is beyyert at iyt then theuy thinj they are

Its fgreat if I ever want to type like PicklesOeuf

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i think im pretty goof at the old touch typing to be humble


im not overlt sure where all the keys arwe but this looks like it s coming ouit ot roo bad!!

Pfft, I’m typing all day every day. I only look at my keyboard when I see a typo, to check if the incorrect letter is close to the right letter.


it makes no difference if i look at my keyboard or not because I use an ultra geeky alternative layout so the letters don’t even correspond to what’s written on the buttons.

great shabs for anyone else trying to use my computer.


i had this for a while, i got fed up the problems that occurred when someone else had to use my keyboard. Also, I got a new computer.

whatyt? hnow do you even start using something like that?

Never look at my keyboard anyway, obviously. That’s why me grammar’s so blinking glorious

it’s odd whenever i have to interact with something that has a qwerty keyboard, takes me forever to find where the letters are

same way you learn to touch type with any keyboard. you don’t look at the keys so it doesn’t make any difference.

I like this idea of a thread. I like to look at people when they talk to me and conitue typing. Probably with pretty mixed results, like with this effort.

Not much else to add.

Hi Tim

Good it’s all going well? Out in the bike this weekend d!

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but why do itu? whats better abnoutr it?

I can’t remember if I actually touch-typed this or not but I’m touch typing now so i am

faster. easier to use (less strain on your fingers, most common letters are easier to access). easier to learn.