funding request needs updating

With a lot of people stuck in their houses, I can imagine them coming to DiS for entertainment. Therefore it’s definitely worth getting this updated - just the references to 18 years and 2018 so quick but worthwhile if it gets some more £££ in the pot


@sean, wanna take a look at this? :slight_smile:


yeah, and sean, would be good if you could let us know if funding is urgently needed in the immediate future to keep the site ticking over: a lot of people are relying on it as a community/support hub. I’m lucky enough to be in a position where I can send some money anyway (which I’ll do today) but lots will have to prioritise for obvious reasons.

Hope you’re doing ok mate.


I haven’t had any panicked calls from our accountant for a while (our accounts are quite complicated due to 20 years of trading as a label etc) and a trickle of donations continues to come through.

Need to try to find the pinned post to edit this. But will sort it ASAP.