Fundraising ideas?


Been meaning to post this thread for a couple of weeks, but wondered if we could put our heads together and try to come up with a few good ways to raise money for the Hardship Fund and DiS?

I mentioned this in another thread, but a guy i followed on Twitter won a football shirt and raffled it for charity - £2 a go and about 500 people had a go. The shirt was only worth about £60. Seems like a good way to raise money - small amount with the carrot of getting something back. Could be anything, so long as it’s postable cheaply or transferable, etc. Anyone?

Might seem like a daft idea, but wondered if we could do some sort of Cash Yer Change Jar In drive. Most people have one. Quite often it’s dead money. If a few people Coinstar’d theirs in (they charge 10%) and we agreed to give a percentage to the Hardship Fund and donate a bit for the upkeep of the site it would soon add up.

If you can donate to the Hardship Fund, either a one off or regular amount, no contribution too small, contact @tricklenipple for BACS details. Very, very eager to tread lightly on this as i know it’s a bit tight for most of us and it’s not running low, but donations are 75% down since the first month and it’d be a shame if it fizzled out.

You can donate to DiS here, again either a one-off or a recurring thing:

The main purpose of the thread is ideas on how we can raise a bit of money, though. Everyone welcome. Please don’t feel that because might not be in a position to donate your ideas aren’t welcome…


How is this zero replies?

I think the change jar idea is good. Or something with leftover holiday money, what with it being holiday season?

We could have some kind of online flea market where the money goes to the hardship fund? Like the “cost” of getting rid of your shit is you have to donate whatever money you get (maybe minus postage)?

Idk, there’s a few ideas, dunno if they’re practical though.


Maybe we can set up a link where it’s like one click PayPal to donate like a pound minimum? Even for someone like me who gets fired all the time a pound is absolutely nothing and if we all do it it will massively add up, and anyone who can do more by BACS could do so?


Just realised i posted a dud link for the DiS donations…


think these are all good ideas, especially the raffle one, sounds pretty easy to set up - I’ll have to have a think if I have anything that’d be worth raffling.

I was thinking of trying to organise a regular weekend predictions thing in the footy threads - like we choose 10 games to predict the scores of - 3 points for correct score, 1 point for correct result (or whatever), everyone who wants to play throws in a pound - at the end of the weekend the pot is split 50/25/25 between the winner/fund/dis?

would be much easier if there was a quick one off payment option through PayPal or whatever as @jazzballet says, will have to look into that tomorrow.

oh also, just want to say - there is enough money in the fund if anyone needs to use it.

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I agree.