Fundraising ideas?

Been meaning to post this thread for a couple of weeks, but wondered if we could put our heads together and try to come up with a few good ways to raise money for the Hardship Fund and DiS?

I mentioned this in another thread, but a guy i followed on Twitter won a football shirt and raffled it for charity - £2 a go and about 500 people had a go. The shirt was only worth about £60. Seems like a good way to raise money - small amount with the carrot of getting something back. Could be anything, so long as it’s postable cheaply or transferable, etc. Anyone?

Might seem like a daft idea, but wondered if we could do some sort of Cash Yer Change Jar In drive. Most people have one. Quite often it’s dead money. If a few people Coinstar’d theirs in (they charge 10%) and we agreed to give a percentage to the Hardship Fund and donate a bit for the upkeep of the site it would soon add up.

If you can donate to the Hardship Fund, either a one off or regular amount, no contribution too small, contact @anon26275971 for BACS details. Very, very eager to tread lightly on this as i know it’s a bit tight for most of us and it’s not running low, but donations are 75% down since the first month and it’d be a shame if it fizzled out.

You can donate to DiS here, again either a one-off or a recurring thing:

The main purpose of the thread is ideas on how we can raise a bit of money, though. Everyone welcome. Please don’t feel that because might not be in a position to donate your ideas aren’t welcome…


Just realised i posted a dud link for the DiS donations…

I agree.