Funeral question

I’ve got a funeral to o to on thursday, now i’ve been to many over the years but can’t remember ever going to any in this kinda heat, so my question is…should i wear a jacket of some description or fine in a shirt and tie?!

  • wear a jacket you disrespectful eejit
  • you’ll be fine in the shirt & tie

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Take the jacket with you and carry it around if necessary man.


yeah think this works, maybe gauge the rest of the crowd

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I went to a funeral a couple of weeks back, must have been 30 degrees.

I wore a suit. Takes yours and carry the jacket if others are.

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arcade fire’s best album yeah

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I assume you mean a suit jacket, and not a Castrol GTX one or something?

Just carry it with you. If it’s in a church, it is likely to be cool in there.

I’ve got a course tomorrow. External but all the delegates are internal. Dress is casual. Shorts?

I’d just wear a shirt and tie because you’re never going to actually wear the jacket, but if you’re worried just take it to carry it around.

Alternatively, could you just wear a black shirt (if you’re going for traditional black funeral attire) and no tie.

There are no rights and wrongs at funerals really are there.

Yeah I think people are ultimately far more concerned with grieving and remembering then how people are dressed.

Yeah so long as you’re smartly/respectfully dressed I’d say that was ok. Been to a fair few these last few years and dress codes seem to be much less of a thing than they were.

(In answer to the OP going without a jacket is absolutely fine but of course it depends on whose funeral it is and what their family are like above all else)

My wife’s family still talk about her uncle turning up to her dad’s funeral in jeans.

Yeah, it’s really petty but I have memories of a friends husband turning up to our mates funeral in jeans and have had a dim opinion of him ever since.

Think funerals might be the only time it’s not tory to wear a suit

My Dad told me about his friends funeral where everyone wore striped socks and bright colours because that’s how he always dressed. I saw a group photo of everyone from the funeral (edit: OOPS) and my Dad was the ONLY one wearing black. To be fair, he was just wearing his normal clothes :laughing: It was really nice anyway.


He’s going to a funeral, not working in a cocktail bar (sorry for your loss, lopes)

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I’ve often worn black jeans to a funeral

Sorry for you loss @Lo-Pan

I’ve never been to a funeral, is that weird?


My uncle wore a hawiian shirt to my grandads funeral and no one said anything or thought it was weird, cos he always wears shirts like that

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