Funeral question


Sorry for you loss @Lo-Pan

I’ve never been to a funeral, is that weird?


My uncle wore a hawiian shirt to my grandads funeral and no one said anything or thought it was weird, cos he always wears shirts like that


Hmmm I guess so, that being said I know a couple of folk that have never been.


I’m wearing a jacket


Not weird at all.

I’ve been to many now, and not one of them has been of a ‘they lived a good life and lived to a ripe old age’ sort. They’ve all been reminders of the cruelty of life in their own ways.


Yeah I’ve always found this too. It’s rarely a celebration of that person’s life despite everybody’s best intentions. I’ve been to far too many funerals for somebody my age I would say.


Sorry Lopes, probably shouldn’t be discussing this in your thread. Sorry for your loss my man. X


Yeah there’s no pattern to it is there. Mate of mine, about 5 years ago he had a run whereby in one year by the end of April he’d been to 5 funerals. It never rains…