Funicular tourism

Always seem like a popular tourist attraction, seems a bit weird.

Love a funicular. I am a funicular tourist


Imagine a world in which funiculars were switched with buses and the bus became a tourist attraction in some cities.

Like sightseeing buses

I’m a big fan

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sort of, but the bus is the sight that you’re seeing (and riding)

I’m into it. Sign me up.


there’s another interpretation of this which was at one time amusing, unless I’m misremembering

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Visited the one in Budapest in September


Whenever I think of the word funicular I sing it to the tune of that bit in Moulin Rouge that goes ‘spectacular spectacular…no words in the vernacular’.

it’s good when you get a good view out of it like that

Generally just prefer to walk up the hill


what about the return journey?

Stay at the top


possibly the closest the word funicular has ever come to being in a song, shame it missed out

Good one in Barcelona

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I’m away out for a dander everyone, thanks for having a look in this thread

Gonna jump on a funicular?

How else are you going to get to the top of Constitution Hill?

The Mrs sometimes calls her naughty bits the funicular railway

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