Funny answers or things people have given or done in game situations over the course of your life

“Once when playing charades or whatever with one of my stupidest friends he had to act out being a “shrew” and he flapped his arms as if they were wings as he thought shrews were winged animals.” - @Antpocalypsenow

“I remember playing Trivi Ps at University and one of the questions was what is another word for the disease consumption and someone answered ‘eating’.” - @anon29812515

Now you do some.

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Once while playing Articulate my friend gave the clue: “I think he was German”.

The answer was Atilla the Hun.

I have a far worse one involving my grandma but I’m not sure I want to throw her under the bus.

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Alright, bye grandma.

Again, playing Articulate. On the object category. She looked at the card, thought for a moment, seemed to struggle to come up with anything, until she eventually came out with, and I can only apologise:

“It’s one of them things that queer fellas use”.

Obviously we were fucking stumped and slightly horrified by where her mind must be going to. You’re welcome to try and guess.

The answer was:

A whip. Like she couldn’t have said something about Indiana Jones or a lion tamer.


I was playing junior TP with meths once and when asked do birds have teeth he answered yes.


Playing the rizla game (or whatever you call that thing with an unknown name stuck to your head) and someone’s first question was “Do I look like Dr Dre?”.

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Articulate is a horrible game, I refuse to play it. Last time I did play, I was on a team with my sister’s in-laws who I don’t know particularly well, her mother in law would describe things to me and her husband in terms where I hadn’t got a chance of getting them, like “We went there on holiday in 1986” or “That man you don’t like on the telly”, stuff like that.

I mean everyone else playing thought that was funny but I’m still annoyed about it.


I got absolute pelters once for giving someone Archbishop Desmond Tutu. She claimed to have never heard of him and other folk rounded on me in her defence as well.

If she’d had the foresight to ask the same opener all of this might have been avoided.


Articulate is the most joyless game if one team is too good. Had to play against these people once.

Player A: “That footballer”
Player B: “Oh, Gary Lineker”
Player A: “Correct”

Remarkably I’m still friends with them.

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I once accidentally described Durban as “war-torn” in a game of Articulate because I thought it was somewhere other than where it actually is. It led to a very short lived attempt by others to nickname me “Durbs”

Where it comes into its own is playing with family at xmas. My grandma a few years ago was forced to say the phrase ‘pacman uncontrollably guzzling cum’. It was an awful thing to experience but memorably nonetheless

Yeah, it’s dreadful. I’ve played a similar game from the same people (can’t remember what it’s called), where half of the questions involve scenarios about rape and sexual abuse.

Really, really grim.

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