Funny Names



Infantile, absolutely, but still funny and that is why we’re doing this thread.

I’m informed that there is a company making fireplaces called: Fanny Central.


Dick Ring




all the irish ones


you shut your cheeky face!

I don’t suppose you fancy googling fanny central in work for me to check if I am reliably informed?



I once met a guy called Dick Topliss


Like this?

They have a diving club too!


the diving club was surely just set up for the name alone though, wasn’t it?

I’ve a friend (sort of of a friend) from there.


Definitely. You can get t-shirts from their site if you want to prove you’re a pure mad hilarious bastard?


‘Each summer, usually during the first week in August, the village celebrates Muff Fest…’


I’m a pure mad hilarious bastard with sartorial taste so I’ll have to skip on those t-shirts thanks.


Horticultural sole-trader round the corner called The Lady Garden


Haha!!! My friend worked for The Lady Gardeners up north. I’m not sure they’re related.

In fact, she gave me her old t-shirt. I wear it to the gym sometimes.


Mike Hunt



Donald Fart




We have an [redacted] Badcock in our office.


Goodcock Badcock would be a great name