Funny or not?

Person A: “Can you take the bins out please?”
Person B: “Yes, I can take the bins out”
Person A: “Thank you”

Cut to: Restaurant with Person B wearing fancy clothes sitting at a table with the bins sat opposite them and they’re flirting as if they are on a date.

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  • I’d need to see the execution before deciding
  • I can’t make my mind up just yet, ask me later please
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This elicited a ‘smirk’ from me, Tony

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Thanks for the detail. Please ensure you’ve voted accordingly.

Are the bins anthropomorphic bins with eyes and hands or are they just regular dirty inanimate bins?

Great question.

Regular dirty inanimate bins but they’ve got a dress or a tuxedo on.


When you say “they’re” flirting, is the bin talking and interacting on this date?

No it’s just a regular bin. It may have clothes on though (not sure if I like that part).

“Ok” question

No, they’re not talking but it’s soft focus and the human in question is kind of giggling and occasionally biting their lip suggestively or whatever

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Does the human say anything on the date?

this was dismal


We see the exterior of a house, it’s night time. We hear giggling and tumbling, person A says “ooh, you’re dirty”

Cut to: The bin in a state of undress but it’s really dirty (actual dirt)

  • This is now more funny
  • This is now less funny
  • This is the same funny as before
  • I think I’ll probably go home now

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“Fine” question.

No, they don’t, there is romance music playing (non-diegetic)

What is the human giggling about then?

The company of the bin is arousing them and they are giggling nervously

I assume this was going to be a sketch, but it seems like it’s developing into a feature


Is this arousal visible during this scene?

Yeah, hard-on/wide-on is shown, fairly graphically in fact.


Vote amended accordingly, thank you.

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Oh dear. I thought this was a family-friendly joke and I brought my kids along to see it.

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