Funny surnames


Pringle is a good one.

Know someone who has ‘Bint’ as their surname




My old neighbours were called neighbour


Used to work someone who worked in sales called ‘Sales’




Bloody love nominative determinism. My brother had a biology teacher called Ms. Bodily


Another person on the same team was called ‘Sells’. I shit you not


I had a geography teacher called Mr. Longshaw, spelling made it a so near so spar thing though


One guy at a job ages ago was called Roland stone


Went to school with Ryan Maydon




You forgot ‘Mycock’, as in former Churnet Valley Tory councillor, ‘Ramon Mycock’.


I could never, marckee




had teachers with the surnames Eggs, Chippendale and Snowball


When i was a kid, the priest at the local Catholic church was called Father Godly


When my mum was a kid, the presbyterian church she attended appointed a new choirmaster and many of the members of the church objected because his name was mr pope

Edit: can’t remember if that was mr pope’s job or something else like caretaker. He was appointed to do something or other


Met a few Watmuffs in my time, hard not to suddenly revert to the maturity of an 11 year old




I’m going to be mightily disappointed if your surname isn’t Dingaling.