Funny things that happen during tube strikes


When a bus door opens and people try and pour in 6 at a time and then sort of get jammed in
Queuing taken to a next level territorial war so you see people scowling and shit stood RIGHT NEXT to the little yellow pole thing
Audible political diatribes



Oh, fainting.


I feel even smugger when I’m cycling


How you liking that increased traffic, lycralad?

Actually attendants stood at the boris bike stations counts as another funny thing




I like that I can blag a WFH day despite the fact that I’m largely unaffected by them (haven’t today though)


the fella who sits next to me from work, he hasn’t phoned in or anything that I’m aware. We’re just assuming he’s not coming in because of the tube.


Londoners having a massive cry because they’ve got to commute on a similar public transport network to people in every other city in the country


Absolutely nowhere has commuters as entitled as London sorry, it would be like filling Sheffield’s transport system with rabid cats


Rabid cats don’t wear barbour jackets


What puzzles me is are we assuming that people are actually driving from suburbia or wherever into central London for their job? Because surely not?


All the “proper” cyclists being extra tryhard to demonstrate their proper cycling credentials amongst hordes of terrified wet people wobbling around on their kid’s mountain bike.


Possibly a slight increase in that, but more likely people who live in bethnal green dusting off the corsa they pay thousands of pounds to park next to their flat for their yearly drive into canary wharf.


My ex housemate used to drive from suburbia to Park Lane every day (well 11 out of 14).


A new trope seems to be the massive queue for buses at Liverpool St station. You can walk anywhere in London in less than an hour from Liverpool St.


funny than things


I remember that! And they try and make the whole upper level a one way system :joy:


An increase in foot and bike traffic on the tow path this morning meant I was cycling at the same speed next to a jogger for what felt like 5 minutes this morning.


This particular strike has made everyone realise we’re about twenty minutes away from fully automated luxury unemployment, which is fun too.


Did you start coaching them at all?