Fupping Friday fupping evening fupping thread fupping



Alright team,
Tonight I’m gonna drink some wine, smoke some weed, listen to music and maybe watch a film later.

What you crazy cats up tae?!


I could have worded the title


I’m going to have a bag of snickers bites for dinner, not a fan of snickers but snickers bites are amazing


I’ve had one snickers bar in my life, it was good


Hello, I’m on my way to Morrisons to get something for dinner, so tired though I might just get a takeaway


Alright lopes,

Not much as off to a Halloween party tomorrow and got shit to do like get a costume and booze tomorrow as I couldnt be arsed after work today.

Watching the cricket highlights. Might watch a film too. What film you gonna watch?

Can feel a sore throat coming on so probably have a couple of whiskeys.


Yeah I bought stuff for dinner but now drinking and thinking I might not be fucked cooking later


What you dressing up as?!
Not sure yet, will see how I feel after numerous wines etc


Is this thread about fucking


Going to a halloween show and then a club night, without a costume because I’m a big boring old man. Having a little pre-drink beforehand. Off back to Wales on Sunday for a few days, might just stay up until then.


Haha see what I mean, bad title.

Not yet!


Supposed to be going to London with a few peeps tonight to see The Bug then go to Sink The Pink but ailing mental health has completely worn me down and now I’m bed-bound. Absolutely hate this fucking thing.

I’ll probably watch some Black Mirror, idk.

Wanna hear a song I did?



The jake bug?! :wink:
I’ll have a wee listen to that once I’m oot the boozer


What’s happenin in Wales?


Working tonight (and tomorrow night) and there’s a huge Halloween haunted house type thing on (I work at the students union) so that might be fun to witness from a distance. Or it might be horrible.


No fuckin’ idea. Going to go to the fancy dress shop on great Western Road I think.




Ah my big sis is in hospital, she’ll be reet but reckon I should show my face/help out if possible.


Halloween twats get worse every year, seen so much of this


it’s Halloween so I’m going to watch the Neorealist classic Rome Open City