Until at least May 31st.

Anyone know if there’s anywhere I can watch King of the Hill in the UK?


Sorry to hear that and sorry to tell you this:

FFS. I’ve been wanting to watch it again for years.

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Torrent it, the internet police must be busy doing something else at the moment.

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have only found a fairly rough SD version unfortunately

Can someone please explain what being furloughed means?

I may have done this with Seinfeld a few years ago.

But I’m much more wary of a life in prison now.

Not working, government pays 80% of my pay.

So down by 20% money, but 100% work.

Swings and roundabouts.

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You are retained by your work at 80% of your salary or £2.5k a month (whichever is lower) and you cannot do any work.

I’ve got it all on DVD but that would be very bulky to post…

How would you feel about live streaming it all to me, in order, at times that suit me, via Skype?


I have Netflix, NowTv, Prime, Britbox (it was free ok!) and if it ain’t on them I will still habve a cheeky toz from time to time.

Can I?!?

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lord knows you try the best you can

I think it is damn unfair that I don’t have everything for the amount I want to pay.

At the time of the Seinfeld incident it was only on hulu, in Americaland. I really tried to watch it in a lawful way.

Sure, I’ll allow it. Each viewing needs a personal introduction from your good self though. Not per episode, just per sitting. Like a ‘previously on’.

Forlough’s about to rock

(Very sorry to hear that. Hope you are ok)


Anything remotely even half decent on there?


Haven’t got it.