I was going to say mine was the same, but of course it was…

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My work makes up the difference and pays 100% wages even when on furlough. They took 2 days as annual leave per month, which seemed fair.

Now we’re all working 4 day weeks for 5 days pay, and they are not deducting holiday.

As I hardly took holiday last year, I currently have 49.5 days holiday entitlement. No idea when I’ll use it.

Turns out I’m only going to be furloughed for two days a week now, and not sure for how long. Could be better, could be worse. Although I was kind of coming round to the idea of 6 weeks off work.

I’m no longer on part time furlough, I’m going to miss having every Wednesday off.

I’m quite surprised to be honest, I’m not that busy but I think they’ll going to chuck me some other work my boss used to cover.