Furniture Thread



OOOOHHH SHIT IT’S EXCITING THREAD TIseriously though can we talk about your furniture preferences in poll and then image form please?


  • white
  • wood/wood effect
  • black
  • colour other than white or black (specify after poll pls)

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All encompassing furniture thread

bet this gets really snooty


Whatever my rented accommodation comes with




only ever really buy ‘antique’ furniture at auctions/charity shops, that sort of thing. They always seem to be of higher quality than new options, and I like my room to look like a 18th century smoking parlour.



  • wood top
  • glass/see-through top
  • metal top
  • other?

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  • bwahaha
  • goes with my star charts man, FU.
  • looks good, overpriced tho

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We have a super ridic range of furniture and it’s proving difficult to fit it in with colour schemes we want in our flat.

In the bedroom we have an almost walnut-coloured wood bed frame. A range of silly duvets, plus massive red IKEA Pax wardrobes. Malm (oak effect) drawers. This looked okay in our rented flat where it was all boring beige but I want GREY in the new flat and I think it’ll look shitey.


Can’t think of best way to describe this. deliberately rustic?


I have a mint green bed frame so I have to go white otherwise nothing goes.


You need to get yourself some spray paint


marble, obviously


Free standing shelves and drawers are white Ikea Billy units and Nordli drawers; built in wardrobes are painted to match the bedroom walls, so colour-matched to F&B’s Elephant’s Breath.

A bit like this:





  • Ikea
  • John Lewis (intimidating)
  • Fancy custom stuff
  • Second hand all the way

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Needs multiple options brah.

Basic rule is bland functional stuff - white and from IKEA (shelves, Billys etc.); anything which has a bit more character - second hand and mostly teak.


i wonder how many people in the UK have Billy shelves


Can we tick all of these?

Like, we’ve got a bit of everything in our place:

Ikea billy and nordli units
John Lewis desk from e-bay
John Lewis hall unit from their sale
Muji kitchen table and benches from ebay
Ercol sofa from ebay
Second-hand GPlan dining table and chairs
Second hand bed for the spare room
Ex-display Eames chairs from the Vitra sale
Built-in bedroom wardrobe and living room shelving


Over 50% maybe. They’re the business. Sturdy, discrete, practical.


having to goole a third of these brand names.

i’m getting proper into furniture now