Fursday evenung


Hi everyone,

Got myself a new notepad and highlighter pens today. Feeling well swish.

How are you all doing? Dinner? Plans? colour of pants?


No football on… dunno… :confused:


I mean… HIYA!! :wave:


Heeeeeeey Matt!! Whys the football not on? What happened?


I’m watching Liverpool v AC Milan 04/05 Champs League Final on BT Sport to fill the void!


Just a gap before 2 games Friday and Saturday… should probably remind myself to read, make some music, play video games… I did something before World Cup… :thinking:


Oh my god I’m sweating so much


Hello! It’s so hot but I’m going to walk to the gym and play some Pokemon on the way. Thinking of getting the big chop, my hair is so short and dead anyway but this will mean relying on extensions for at least 6 months as any shorter than it is now is very weird on my big old head. Going to cut all the bleached parts off this weekend I think :sweat:


Hi team! I’m in the pub with @he_2 this evening. I’m hoping he’ll bring something back from the bar on his way back from the loo.


Should be working. Am playing vidya


Had my one month review at work today and they said they were really pleased and want to look to stretch me a bit more hehehe. Still feel like I’m terrible at my job.


Been to Falmouth for the day. Bloody great day. Baby was on best behaviour and bloody cute. Love days like that.

Now got a Heineken and having cheese and biccies for tea

Colour of pants; navy with green pattern


out in the countryside at a pub

kind of… dark grey?

gonna cycle home and then play football at 9.30pm


The #lads


Evening witches!

I’m saying a big thankyou to two weeks ago laelfy because she decided to flaunt expenses a bit and book a ‘superior’ room in this hotel which was a very smart move as it’s one of the only ones that has air conditioning. I currently have it set to ‘ice blast’.

It’s my last ever work trip (in this job anyway) so I’m going to celebrate by going to get some tempura halloumi.


I was at that game. Amazing night.


joint selfie??


6 years in and I still feel like an imposter at mine chief. I don’t think it’ll ever go away :grinning:


Evening. Had jacket potato and beans for tea, was too hot for that tbh.


the brothers of destruction