Fursday (Thursday)

Hi DiS :wave:t2:

Very early, I know. I’m up with the dog as she’s not very well. Bit worried. Wanna go back to sleep.

Whachu up to today m9s?

Hey Dingaling. Today will mostly be spent just getting by. Not having a good day MH wise (currently an hour late as I couldn’t face getting out of bed really) and there’s a bit to do with a depleted amount of staff.

Hope the doggo is ok

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:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Need to get up.

Going to Daniel Kitson tonight.

That’s all.

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Morning lovely. Hope doggo is ok.

Woke up thinking errr I feel knackered and like I haven’t slept, looked at clock, half eleven! Had only been asleep an hour, it was the BEST feeling :star_struck:

Got to go to work, Milton some recorders, plan some choir, get observed while I still have no voice, move a load of cupboards around and then collapse at yoga later.

Off to gargle salt water…



Really CBA.

Picking up my repaired bike after work.

Might get one of them roller things.

Hmm might need to go in the bike thread.


From Greggs?


Working from wfh so I can take delivery of a side table I don’t even like. Kind of want to nip to Co-op for a pastry breakfast but heavy cba.


:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

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Still in an awful place, mh-wise. Compounded by the fact that R seems to have a bit of a cold so I don’t know if I should take him into preschool, and also after one day with his dad the potty training progress we made has been undone. Honestly don’t think I can handle it if he is at home all day.

Really need to make a doctors appointment but can’t even face going through the automated system to do it.

Woah, you Milton them?! Smart move! I thought they were boiled in a ritualistic ceremony…


Rollers are expensive aren’t they.

Back in Essex after a couple of days in Bologna for work/pasta. Was so nice to be back with the family last night. Need to get showered and get mini stack 1 off to nursery then get to the office for 8.30…wish me luck.


I’m going to be working/commuting non-stop from 7.10am to around 9.20pm. *weak thumbs-up*

On the plus side, I’ve got the DiS bangers playlist on, and Dancing In The Dark has come on :dancing_men: :new_moon:

Foam rollers? Or


Pretty bored of hotel breakfasts now :frowning:

Not sure whether to drive 4 hours home tonight after work or tomorrow morning

Morning all. @anon75298087 I hope the puppy’s ok! Hope @rich-t and @anon89873996 and anyone else not having a good day gets through it, my PMs are always open if you need to rant or talk or whatever.
Awake at 7 on my day off, obviously. Given up on trying to get back to sleep so might watch that Sunderland thing on Netflix with a gingerbread coffee.


One of them, yeah.