Fury vs Joshua

Couldn’t see a recent boxing thread so thought I’d make a thread for this.

Anyone interested? It’s like one of the most morally compromised things I can conceive of yet I desperately want to watch it. Not sure if it will be a dud or fireworks, or even if it will go ahead at this stage, but interested to hear what proper boxing fans think of it.

The fight:

  • Will happen
  • Won’t happen

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And the winner will be:

  • Fury
  • Joshua

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Yeah well up for it. They’re very definitely the 2 best heavies in the world so it would warrant the ott hearn hype. Think Joshua is maybe a touch underrated by people who follow boxing because of how big a crossover star he is. Definitely would be Fury’s toughest opponent and would cause him problems but I’d pick Fury to edge it on points, just a bit too long and clever to let AJ in often enough to win. But think that’s a 60:40 hunch rather than a massive favourite, and obviously depends on his condition

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Also think it happening is pretty much a guarantee at some point, it happening in the next 18-24 months is the big question.

I think the lack of other proper contenders in the division, and the pando meaning everyone involved will want the monster payday from it means it probably will happen while it’s still the biggest fight to make in boxing. Hopefully

It’s in Saudi on 14th August.

They’ll be getting an absolute fortune for this sportswashing enterprise.

Good news is that saudi’s a couple of hours ahead of us so the fight will be at a reasonable time.

Was Joshua v Ruiz 9pm in the uk when they had it in Saudi?

Must admit this was my first concern

Aye it was

I wonder if it being that time on a Saturday night UK time will also increase the number of PPV buys? You’d imagine your average punter might be more inclined to get it if the fight isn’t starting at 4am

UK fights are always at a decent time because of curfews at Wembley etc.

Wouldn’t touch a city centre with a barge pole after it though. Always fucking grim after the fists


Yeah, I’m just thinking of Vegas fights.

I saw Calzaghe v Kessler at the Millennium Stadium, the crowd (and town afterwards) was… intense.

Went to the Brook fight at Bramall Lane. So many scraps and so much coke during and in town after. Horrendous

Be a big event, probably book a table somewhere for it.

And get a load of coke

For ticket and ppv money they’d be best at Wembley. 100 quid a ticket, 35 ppv, absolutely printing money.

But that’s small potatoes compared to the Saudi bungs

O’Sheas I presume?


Oooh shout. Won’t have to book there.
Was thinking of staying in Leeds

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so excited




he didnt want the rematch when he could have had it, he just wants a big bag of free money to not drag out the legals, as is tradition.

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Yeah it’s going to be a payoff. Nobody wanted Fury Wilder 3 straight after last time and nobody is clamouring for it now.

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nice work if you can get it

Wonder what percentage of the step aside cash they’ve had to bung to the arbitrator.