Fury vs Joshua

allardycio levels of brown envelope consumption

really hope we don’t see jake paul vs conor mcgregor before this / instead of this

Is this going to be a go though for Aug. 14th? Arbitrator recently ruled Fury has to face Wilder in a rematch by Sept. 15th. Wilder could get a big step aside fee but Arum saying they won’t pay him. Possible bump back to December for Fury/Joshua? Hope not.

EDIT: Whoops sorry see this has already been covered.

Least there looks to be a starting figure now:

If I was Fury I probably wouldn’t pay that much money either.

dunno about anyone else but I’d take $20m to not be in a fight


Especially after the pasting he took last time

Hopefully this is all just to hype it up for when Wilder steps aside for a bung

Not looking likely. Joshua fight probably pushed back to Nov./Dec. at earliest would imagine.