Futbol11: Daily game

The game gives you a country and you fill one of your empty spaces in the 4-3-3 squad with a player from that country. Once that position is filled you can’t pick a player in the same position again.

Failed miserably on my first go
#Futbol11 Day 1 - 7/11

I managed two players. Could only remember the names of players from the 90s from the first country until the obvious one finally came to me (could picture him for ages before naming him).

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Exactly my problem too, all the names that came into my head were people who had retired

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Was doing alright, had about 25 seconds left to fill about 4 places but I typed Marcelo for Brazil and fumbled ages because there’s apparently more than one

Biggest problem with this is the shitty interface. What a frustrating piece of shit.


spent ninety seconds misspelling shaqiri, got zero

good game.


#Futbol11 Day 2 - 5/11

I am shit at this. Started with similar countries as yesterday but then went into new ones on the third choice.

The game’s database is too limited. I got onto the last country Croatia and only had goalkeeper left. Tried entering Kalinic, who is technically still a Villa player, captain of Hadjuk Split while being on loan and was in the national team until 2019 and he isn’t in the game

90 seconds goes quick

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It wouldn’t give me Dejan Lovren for Croatia and according to Wikipedia he was in their last international squad!

Yet weirdly it did let me have valon behrami who’s not played international football for 4 years


The creator said on Reddit that the database at the moment in limited to players with a 75 rating or over in FIFA ffs, working on improving it though

Usual problem for me…

1st player is from Switzerland
Chapuisat…can’t find “Chapuisat”
Turkyilmaz…can’t find “Turkyilmaz”
Bregy…can’t find “Bregy”
Sutter…can’t find “Sutter”

I don’t think I can name any current Swiss players…


I believe if you could turn back time you’d choose another player if you were strong enough

Indeed. Just a matter of time before Zuberbuhler.

those were hints for Schar

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Oh. I’ve heard of Cher…

Don’t know Schar

Exact same for me. Got stuck there again today, know one player from there with a very distinctive name and yet again I could recall his face, distinctive body, playing career but no name until time ran out. Still to get past two.

10/11. Couldn’t remember the spelling of Jetro Willems in time