Just came up with this concept/branding. It’s like an online tutorial/webinar thing but about some new tech or a really innovative market disruptor or something. It’s supposed to make you feel annoyed the second you read it because instantaneously you both understand what it means and also know it has zero meaning. Just remember I came up with it tho ok.

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Is this not a niche kind of animated pornography

And if not, why not

because that’s not what i invented it for

This is that porn, right?


no, it isn’t.

i don’t get the Fu part

Footwear shop called ‘FU, Man! Shoe!’


I’m going for it anyway:

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Thought this was going to be about that porn.


Got a Google Alert for this thread and it’s not even about that porn.

you guys really have animated porn on the brain at all times don’t you?