Future career paths

Ben Shepherd → Crimewatch Presenter
Timescale: 10 years

Angela Scanlon → Rebooted ITV morning current affairs show (Daybreak replacement)
Timescale: 3 years

Ortis Deley → BBC News 24 Travel Show/Click etc host
Timescale: Probably already happened

Anita Rani → Prime Minister of the World and loving mother to my three wonderful children
Timescale: Hypothetical

Wes Morgan → Homes Under the Hammer host
Timescale: 5 Years

Now you do some.

Literally no idea who any of those people are.


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I know who the top one is. No idea about the others.

All I know is he likes football and books.

Oh for fuck’s sake. This fucking place.

I agree with the top one.

You reckon Wes Morgan is the next Dion Dublin?

I know 3/5. Can anyone top that??

Can’t rule it out can we




Alright, I’ve looked them up. Bunch of presenters on TV for pensioners and one no mark footballer.

Alright let’s do some of your fucking stupid ones shall we

Erm Wild Beasts → 3rd Billed at Field Day
Timescale: Next summer

Fucking Bon Iver → Taking up the ukelele or some shit
Timescale: Doesn’t fucking matter

Some fucking cyclist → Pumping themselves full of PEDs
Timescale: Constantly

There you fucking go, idiots.


I was going to do one with some prominent Netrunner players, but you’ve ruined it now with your sourness.

YOU’VE ruined it with YOUR sourness more like.

Josh Widdicombe & Ronnie ‘The Rocket’ O’Sullivan - Co-Hosts of a Big Break reboot - 5 years


Antpocalypsenow → Miles Jacobson
Timescale: 5 years

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Fucking love this Aggsy, thanks very much

Antpocalypsenow → head moderator in charge of drownedinsound.com
Timescale: after he topples theo, who’s clinging on to power like an absolute maniac


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:wink: mum’s the word eh pal…

Claude from Arsenal Fan TV - reminiscing over the ‘good old days’ under Arsene Wenger - October 2017