Future of these forums (not dread)

how about the role of photoshop martyr?


Great news and thanks as ever @sean


Thank you all for all the lovely comments.

To be honest, the stress of DiS has been compounded by ongoing harassment, malicious communications, and intimidation, alongside career changes and other stuff.

Really glad that this is happening as it’s going to be a real weight off one shoulder.


Sean, I speak only for me but also believe that my views are shared, but

I love this place. So thank you.


Well yes but on the other hand I’d definitely be the guy after that door opens saying, “Yes on the one hand Vader, but on the other hand, that table is LADEN with food and I’m starving!”

Feel like Gwendolyn Christie playing her might be too much for Whiterussian to deal with! :smiley:

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Thanks, the mere existence of DiS has helped me in ways that I can’t even catalogue myself so like Sheeldz sez yr efforts are very much appreciated

(And fuck the dickheads)




And no, we’re not going to make the full site subscription only, but this opens some interesting possibilities.


This is great news!

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fantastic stuff pal

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I Am An Office Worker (Oliver Stone, 2022)

A Discourse Original Film


In case anyone missed this yesterday. @whiterussian jumped the gun a bit on sharing information that I haven’t had clarified or fully processed as yet in messages from Discourse about the changes and timeline.

Promise I’ll keep you up to date once I know more.

Ah, looks like the “support” banner has appeared.

  • Can this be changed to £ rather than $?
  • Can one-off donations be made, too? Or are they aiming for a regular monthly stream?

Also, is there any way of amending the wording on the banner? It kinda looks like spam rather than a genuine appeal for help.

One second, I’m gonna start a new thread about this but currently in a meeting at work.


@sean is it better (in terms of money in your pocket) to use the support banner, or a regular PayPal donation?

No worries :slight_smile: Sorry, my tone wasn’t right on that message - I think there are improvements that can be made but this is a really good, strong step in the right direction. Good work!

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Please add your feedback here so it’s easier for Discourse to find it

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