FX Trading



Anyone do this?

Just been a drop of over 600 pips in one minute on GBPUSD, people going crazy trying to figure out why.





“The pound has been hammered in trade today after French president François Hollande called for a hard Brexit for the UK.”



no, but used to look after code that people use for this sort of thing a while ago though.


Same, and now realise how much of a mugs game it is.

Turned out the 31-year low on GBP is being blamed on trading algorithms now. Stinks of “we have no fucking idea” to me.


Don’t go near the stuff. Surely the only real winners are those tied to companies that can properly diversify and hedge their bets. I would rather stick to football and poker gambling. At least I can make a proper informed choice in these scenarios.


Yeah, pretty much. Had never partaken before, but am having to learn a lot about it for work (only worked with exotic options before which is as far removed from reality as it gets), and just seeing the margins and “biggest winners” is eye opening.


done a bit of predicting stock prices using Fibonacci retracement for my bachelor. we made a small profit, can’t remember if we cheated though


I used to work on a number of trading platforms for FX and if any armchair enthusiasts think that they can make money on this in any kind of long term way then they are deluding themselves. Didn’t stop a guy I know losing over two grand in a day last month…



I liked that film A LOT when I was a kid. I’m assuming that if I were to re-watch it, it’s actually guff.

Also, how did Bryan Brown manage to have a mainstream Hollywood career in the 80s? Maybe people just really like The Thornbirds…