Fyi there's pretty much fuck all on telly tonight

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Maybe a good night to stick a DVD on

I don’t do films

Reckon I’ve seen fewer films than Michael Owen


Watching that four tet glasto set.


You could watch the first series of Spaced or maybe that DVD of Spurs drawing 4-4 with arsenal

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Yeah, that Forces TV on Freeview and Sky has disappeared. No more episodes of Sapphire and Steel or The New Avengers to be seen anymore.

Not a sp202 in sight :expressionless:

I’ll be watching the Women’s Euros game tonight, but you’re right, there’s nothing else on. If I wasn’t visiting my parents I’d go to the pub.

I’m saying it right now. He was far better in 2005!

Handcock is on.

Wahhhh noooo

Strokes at trnsmt on iPlayer

This was so true. I ended up watching an episode of Midsomer murders I’ve deffo seen before.