Fyre Festival



Blink 182 were a weird choice to play


Yeah I guess, although that notebook reeks of piss take or else he’s picked up someone else’s piss take?


Apparently they were telling people to buy $300 - $500 of Itchy and Scratchy money (i.e. fun money that could only be spent at the festival) per day in advance of the festival to cover their costs while they were there

Ja Rule right now:



‘That night Ja Rule gave a toast. “To living like movie stars, partying like rock stars, and fucking like porn stars.”’


Actually I think that was Marilyn Munroe


Realise this is not the most pressing issue but honestly how can they call it blink 182 without the main bro


Just +44 really


A year down the road they’ll be remembering it as a legendary experience, one of the few times in their lives they had a brush with genuine unfairness. There’ll be t-shirts. No sympathy for people called things like William N Finley IV whatsofuckingever.


Guys it’s okay. They’re going to donate $1.50 per ticket sold to the Red Cross to help make up for these turn of events… and they promise to make it up to people next year!!!


the level of genuine terror inspired in these people by lack of 24/7 assistance and bad sandwiches is amazing.


Some top Hoganing going on today

Ja Rule: I take responsibility even though IT’S NOT MY FAULT

Festival: “Thank you for bearing with us as we work through the growing pains that every first year event experiences”


‘And baby, they forgot to make me sign an NDA.’ :slight_smile:


the amount of business speak being used was a clue. people who were STILL bollocking on about “delivering a good experience” and “going forward” and the like while the whole thing sinks into the sand = chancers.

also the 1K followers on twitter. i mean my Nan’s got more than that.


your nan aint paying 125k a pop though to be fair



mugs who pay that much money for a festival, but that picture of the couple breaking up on the plane was a bit unpleasant to see


ATP Drive Like Jarule


If they have phone battery / internet signal then really everything is kind of OK. I feel bad laughing because they are generally clearly loaded, but I only kind of feel bad, sorry. I hope they get home OK, seriously.


That was just a very expensive version of reading festival.