Fyre Festival



Barry never thought of doing this. You’d have to be a right mug to turn down your refund


haha, insulting and shaming customers who would prefer a refund


Those responses are just like DiS poll choices.


Also, let’s be optimistic here and say they sold half the allocation of tickets for this year’s festival. If everyone was down to “let it ride” and opted in and the festival organisers genuinely had the intention of running another festival next year–rather than simply preventing people from claiming the refunds they were entitled to–then they’d have the task of putting on a truly luxury festival next year for twice as many people as this year absolutely free of charge. Nothing could possibly go wrong.



  • Yep, I’d love to entrust my money to you for another 12 months
  • I’m a Tory

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It was fake. Read the Twitter replies to it and someone posted the original Tweet it was from from 2015

This is why I mentioned how dubious I was of a lot of the Tweets. I think William Rich Kid IV completely invented that notebook or else he picked up something someone else wrote and knowingly/naively posted stuff from it.


Dunno the notes seem too mundane for bants to me


“Buyers > Talent > Buyers & Talent”
“300mm social impressions”



Haha. Amazing.

“What?! You don’t like adventures? Oooookkay then, Mr Boring, have your 12K back”


All of this, but particularly the doughy teen millionaire CEO and those nonsense pitch slides, really reminds me of:


This would still be better than V probably.




Apparently the sandwiches were supplied by a company called Barry’s Hoagies


Breaking: Ja Rule’s business partner pictured in the press today


There was something very champagne steam rooms about the look of the festival site


Ha, you weren’t expected to actually vote in my poll!



:grinning: / :grimacing:


"Would you like to exchange your 2017 wages for promotion to a more senior role on the 2018 festival staff?

A: Yes, let it ride. I’d love to support you all in creating something amazing!

B: No, I’m not down for the adventure (and I have a tiny wiener)"


Imagine if Barry Hogan had got ten years for Jabberwocky.

*obviously I’m aware of the differences, just based on the original post.