Fyre Festival



Jabberwocky primarily caused debt to poor people who couldn’t afford it?


Exactly. And I think I was one of only a few who had flown halfway round the world.

Incidentally I never got a refund.


Obviously I was actually visiting my parents and the timing was just convenient, but still.


I mean yeah, all this really shows is that when you send rich people to the gulag they still have enough money to hire lawyers :frowning:


It’s weird, because I was as guilty as anyone of absolutely loving this story and getting all excited. But then ten years in prison for this moron has made me feel a little sad.


i’ll be honest, i loved this story because of the thought of a bunch of mega rich instagram wankers crying over sleeping in tents. mcfarland gave us this joy and therefore should be exonerated from any wrongdoing



There’s gonna be a documentary series on Fyre: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/movies/8342049/fyre-festival-docuseries-2019-hulu-billboard-mic-the-cinemart


A series seems a bit much


Hoping this appears on the soundtrack somewhere


I dunno, it was a pretty wild time to be alive


Hope it’s a joke to send all the rich people to another gulag


If Baz Hogan hadn’t already done that bloody DVD about ATP he could have be telling his story on Amazon Prime this time next year.


Six years in prison for head broseph.


Fuck man, imagine being as ugly and posh as this guy, then arriving at Riker’s Island and telling your cell mate you’re inside for throwing a really shit party.


“Mate, what are you in for?”

“Err have you wanted to watch Blink 182 with some supermodels?”


There’s a moral to this story: If you’re going to steal from people, make sure they’re not all rich enough to afford fancy lawyers


Book Blink 182,
And it’s an up north trip.


No Primavera DJ sets for this guy!