Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened


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Just remembered that berk Frank in the Fyre hoodie and Magnises hat.


Ah this is the bit I was referring to

Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland lied repeatedly about owning Norman’s Cay in the Bahamas. Reader — he did not own the island. And not only did he not own the island, but when the island’s real owner found out McFarland was promoting the cay’s ties to legendary drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, he promptly took it back, leaving Fyre Media without a venue for their festival just months before guests were due to arrive.

I have been following the Caroline Calloway thing. What a brat.


Should’ve been more ambitious and tried to put on a shellac gig at a butlins


I love them because to be an influencer is to be a scammer and when they take it too far and everything crashes it’s very satisfying.


Sebastian from Belle & Sebastian doing his wiry dad dancing in a bad patterned top clashing bad patterned trousers, on a rusty tug off the coast of Hull, insisting that everything is going to plan.

The scammer becomes the scammee!

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how can you take it back if you didn’t give it away

They were leasing it I think

Just cracked up again reading this:

Ginny Grizzle, Donetta Helper, Vi Rollin, King Mona, Cherri Burbank,

If they’d tried to hold the festival on the Escobar island it would have went even worse than it eventually did. No way they were going to set up any of the necessary infrastructure there.


Murray the Athlete, Big Rog, Calpol Sixplus…

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Mogwai on the Engine Room stage at 7pm

Cogley Bonanza!


Just remembered about Frank Abegnale, the guy that Leo plays in Catch Me If You Can. Lots of his claims (about successfully impersonating a doctor, lawyer etc) are heavily questioned now, so his greatest scam might actually be convincing people he was a scammer


I bow to his superior Operation skills.

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Yeah it sounded like they were basically going to do their own plumbing for Norman’s Cay as well as build a bunch of beach houses? I think at least they would have realized how much work was required earlier on.

Ah I see.

So they could have been fine if they listened to the family by not mentioning Pablo’s name in the ad?

Well not fine cause the island wasn’t set up but fine in that they wouldn’t have lost it.