Gadgets that make you go 'woah - thats sci-fi'

It is freaky and I really wouldn’t be surprised if 50 years from now people are picking through the ruins of our civilisation just flabbergasted that we were just blasting our brains with all those waves and beams and stuff.

Really long wire dragged behind them so they can communicate with their home planet


I dont know much about radiation but believe the frequencies that 5g and wi fi operate are way outside ionising range which is the gnarly shit we need to worry about as that can cause genetic mutations. As is the worst 5g can do to you is get your ass Rick Rolled

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Or notes written with uranium pencils

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Holograms. Did (astro)physics degrees and still don’t get them or trust them

If I didn’t know better I’d say you were being bankrolled by big leccy


UV rays on the other hand do cause cancer, dont trust solar power, buy big leccy

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Dyson Air Blades.

Tell you what really freaks me out: wireless power


Bluetooth audio

Remember the first time I connected my, at the time, iPod touch to a BT adaptor on my amp. Mind was blown.

Ended up hiding around the flat. Like behind curtains and in cupboards and things, waiting for somebody to come in the living room so I could scare them by playing 50 Cent really loudly out of nowhere.




Is it because the trousers are actually black with white stripes?

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I can feel how cheap that shirt feels from here, crikey.

I know right, that plastic just straight up looks like a kinder egg toy