Gaelic Bread

Love it. Can’t beat a bit of soda farl.


Bannock request


They look delicious.

Can’t remember the name of it now but there’s a cafe in London I’ve been to a couple times with @aboynamedgoo that does a great Irish breakfast including it

J+A Cafe in Clerkenwell

They did fantastic soda bread. Sadly it has closed down permanently as a result of the pandemic.


Made my granny’s soda bread the other week. At the risk of coming over a bit Famous Five, it’s incredible with lashings of salted butter.


Thought this was a typo for garlic bread and I had a lot to say about garlic bread, but thats ok I have a gaelic bread anecdote too. Had a phase over several years where I was really into toasted potato farls with a slice of halloumi on top, 10/10 snack


Think you’ve told me this on here before actually

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Gallic Bread?

This begs the question, could one cook halloumi in a toaster?

I just pan fry the slices then pop them on the bread, and sometimes pan fry the bread too reckon the halloumi water would fry the toaster rather than the toaster frying the halloumi


Fair. If you have to dry the halloumi pre toasting you might as well fry. I really want to try a halloumi topped farl now.

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How about with some chorizo?

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A nice merguez would be even more appropriate I reckon. Soup and smoothie lunch feeling v inadequate now.

The Ulster Folk and Transport museum is about 5 minutes drive from my house. In the beforetimes one of the olden days houses had a working kitchen with an olden days lady who was always making fresh sodas on an olden days skillet on an olden days stove. Always the best part of the trip when you got a sample. Mmmm…olden daysy