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what are we up to. tonight.

watching my team get shifted by the eurotechnocrats.

eating some rice.

So much snot. Possibly early stages of a fever. Just ate an orange though, which I feel should cure this kind of thing??


Pushing an app update. Then maybe play some vidya games while the TV cooks dinner before crashing with netflix.


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Also, just chucked some stuff down the sink to unblock it. Thrilling stuff.

Just finished at the gym, off home to watch the footy

Going to the pub with Conlee to watch Chelsea play. Have to write up an inventory of donated instruments for the County Library too. Feels weird having such responsibility.

i got a fever and the only prescription is more oranges

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Oooh, what did you use? Love unblocking drains.

Feeling pretty fucking awfully depressed. Early night and trying not to think, probably. So fucking pointless.

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Just had the most melodramatic reaction to a very slightly spicy chip (Jnr not me). Put her bed panting and drooling :joy:

Got to clean and stuff but probably wonโ€™t bother and will just binge on Silent Witness

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BUSTER plughole unblocker. I can hear it fizzing away now.

Iโ€™m in the boozer, working my way through a pint of sour that my wife ordered :expressionless: Curry burritos to come and then Phantom Thread. Really hoping Chelsea and Barca score in the first half taps nose

Had some soup (homemade carrot and coriander). Now drinking a tea, then popping out to a 3hr long NCT class. Really cannot be arsed and just want to go to bed.

Ooooh, not used that before. Might pick some up at the weekend.

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i still canโ€™t access champions league on saorview :no_entry: i guess i shall just follow the live text on

Always confused when you lot talk about NCT. In Ireland itโ€™s something totally different.

Thatโ€™s an MOT mate

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