Gala Bingo begrudgingly sponsors the Tuesday Evening Thread 🙄

So glad I didn’t do those classes, I didn’t prepare at all to be honest except for some yoga.

All she needs is to hire a TENS machine from mother care, and during labour count down backwards from 100 in multiples of 3 or whatever. I’m shit at maths so even that was enough to distract me - pretty much the same theory as hypnobirthing I guess.

I think those classes are good for social stuff though when the same class are on maternity leave.


NCT m9.

Yeah reckoning that’s why she’s signed us up. We know nobody her in Winch, so having a social network will be good for her when on maternity.

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I was lucky enough to have five neighbours all due at the same time, would have been lonely otherwise.

Just flushed it down with plenty of hot water - drainage improvement is already tangible.

Went out for a run, was properly grim outside. Consoling myself with veg burgers and sweet potato fries. The Wire goes off NowTV in a few days so I might plow through a chunk of season 4.

Very satisfying no doubt.


Seriously?! That would just make me incredibly angry.

Feeling rubbish, reading a book and making a stew.

Got a l.mac roast thing in the oven, having it with chips and beans. Gonna use the remaineder for sandwiches the rest of the week.

Had such a boring day, might finish Big Little Lies .


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Hiya :wave:


I’m not in trouble or a danger to myself but it’s been a day where I’ve had just incredibly bad thoughts all day, fucking tiring

Might be off emo disco on Friday…

Hope you lads are both alright!


went to the gym, overdid it and thought I was gonna have a case of the epimers. :grimacing:
back at the flat now for some food and then maybe try and watch the football, but more likely watch some winter Olympics.

Falling asleep trying to assess some metrics in the context of a SWOT analysis.

It’s because I had a late night last night but could also be because it’s fucking boring

Mate…when you’re pushing a human out you’d be surprised at what comforts you.


totally missed this thread must have read the start of it and thought it was a football thread or something

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I might get beer.

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