Galaxie 500 & Dean Wareham


I went to that gig. Brilliant gig.

Interesting! I might get a ticket for that. Beyond Galaxie 500, Luna are a band I like rather than love (possible hot take: Romantica is the closest thing they have to a classic album IMHO) and I have a huge soft spot for Dean & Britta’s Back Numbers, especially this song:

Yous probably all know this but…
Britta’s first musical job was as the singing voice of the cartoon 80s rock star Jem!
Blew my mind a bit when I first heard that.

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Was so so lovely

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I forget the third band on the bill. That was the first time that I saw/had heard of Ringo Deathstar. The third band (whoever they were) were good too.

Yep. It was a fantastic night.

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Probably my biggest musical regret is not going to see Galaxie 500 in Edinburgh on the This is Our Music tour. About a week before the gig which was eventually released as Copenhagen.

Never had much interest in Luna but finally saw Dean a few years ago when he was doing a G500 heavy tour and it was pretty great. Give it a try.

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Where did they play?

In Edinburgh? Think it was Calton Studios or maybe The Venue.

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The Copenhagen live album is great if you haven’t heard it.


When I did see him, Dean’s between song chat had the slightly disillusioning effect of showing how the magic is done.

“This song is about this one time we took acid and went to the woods.”

“This next one is about this time we took acid and watched the news.”

“We wrote this one after we took some acid and watched a film about helicopters.”

Like @Kallgeese says though, Copenhagen is amazing. That cover of Here She Comes Now!


Yeah, one of my eternal regrets is not seeing Galaxie 500 playing Winkles nightclub in Bedford, although at the time (i) I was probably just too young and (ii) I thought it was commonplace for bands like this to play the town (Dinosaur Jr played Bedford College the year before)

(btw - I have it on good authority they are adding a Manchester date to this tour).


Haha, remember seeing this in the DVD liner notes and being so so confused they’d played there.

I was 6 in 1989 and didn’t know who they were for at least another 15 years.

(Assume Winkles is what became the Pad?!?)

Yeah, it was Winkles, then Limehaus, then the Pad, and then whatever it became after that. My brother went. He said when they played Ceremony someone got on stage, sat on an amp and just put his head in his hands for the entire song. Classic Bedford.



Excited for this…thanks for sharing…one of my faves (the 3 LPs are all in my personal top 30 or so) but just too young to see them…pleased to see the positive reviews - somehow missed the last time he did this…snapped up one for Islington but would be superb if he also does Primavera…

For anyone who hasn’t seen, the upcoming shows have been rescheduled to early 2021


and now January 2022. Will be at the bristol show whenever these happen.

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Been eyeing these up for ages tbh.
Gutted Ireland is getting missed out.
Might have to travel over for a show.
Or win the lotto and start booking gigs here :blush:

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or win the lotto and do the trip in style :sunglasses:

Yeah it is a shame it’s not a wider tour. Last time I remember him touring was in 2011 so I imagine there would be the interest. Gis a shout if you do book for the bristol show.

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I saw him doing the Galaxie 500 at Bowlie 2 and it was brilliant.
He came to Belfast a few years after verrrryyy low-key and poorly advertised (I found out a week before it, and I’m normally all over listing!) and played the 13 Songs Warhol thing in full followed by a G500 encore, class!

Lol I really think if I had the £ and know how I’d like to enrich Belfast (and more)s gig scene.
There’s still time for Dean but amazed there’s no even a Dublin show planned as yet.
I’ll weight up the options maybe.

Thanks for the invite!
Only been to Bristol Airport before but it seems like a lot of nice Dis folks are from there so it must be a very good place :+1: