Gambling as a profession

So I’ve got a mate who claims he doesn’t need to work he can just bet on different sports and leverage it that he always makes a small profit.
Is this really doable?

Not unless you work in finance!!

I think that would still count as having a job

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Sure, if you want to get “technical”.

Probably but it takes so long you might as well just get a job imho


KiK’s 55K doesn’t earn itself, so…

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Think the only people who could actually do it on sports betting would be proper actual ITKs.

Obviously people can make a living playing poker etc. but that’s different

isn’t there a professional gambler on here? Or has he stopped posting?

Other than @bugduv I mean, obviously.

Nah what’s it called when you play the bookies off against each other? Study all the odds and offset everything to guarantee small profits.

A old mate is a pro (online) poker player. Makes a fortune.

Spread betting is a thing innit, I’d imagine it’s as time intensive and boring as a normal job anyway though

A mate of mine paid his way through uni gambling online, specifically late night on poker sites where he reckoned most players were too pissed to play properly. Not sure if he could’ve made a full on living (rent/mortgage, bills, etc) but he did pretty well.

Can’t see how it can be done through regular sports betting. Like, obviously it’s possible to make cash on betting, but long term the bookie always wins…

think this is the crux of it.

it’s not like it would be fun or anything.

A friend of mine used to do this a fair bit. It’s all about placing lots of little hedge bets on multiple accounts that get you marginal wins that don’t attract the attention of the betting websites to the extent that they shut your accounts down.

It came down to how much time you were willing to put in. I think he worked out that it averaged out at about £20/hr, all told.

known a couple of people who’ve made it work but to me seems like for every 1 person who makes it there’s probably 10 people who end up either badly in debt or basically in the ground

talking about professional poker players mainly

My old maths teacher left to become a professional poker player and gambler. He was dead good at working out odds, think he’s doing pretty well for himself.

have you ever met anyone that claims to have lost money playing online poker? like one single person that claims to have lost as much as a £1

I haven’t


sharp_yet_blunt, wasn’t it?


Without wishing to get all techbro couldn’t you just make a bot to do this? 24hr cash machine

Pretty big difference between poker and sports betting.

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