🎲 Board Game Thread for DiS 2.0 🎲

We’ve been playing so many games lately, has really saved lockdown for us. Got the beginnings of a very nice collection! We only two-player for now, so can add a few more recommendations:

Our most played are probably Concordia (on the smaller Britannia map), Viticulture (just got the extra Tuscany expansion too), Awkward Guests, Wir Sind Das Volk! (slightly heavier, but the theme is perfect for us), Paperback, Patchwork and Crokinole!

Just ordered Museum and Brass: Birmingham, very much looking forward to giving those a go. :slight_smile:

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I won with ‘UNDIES’ the other day. :upside_down_face:

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Add me as a friend! I’m eldingers :slight_smile:

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This sounds excellent

It’s on sale here, although unfortunately you have to pay for shipping from the US :expressionless: On the plus side it was relatively quick to arrive.


Just learned about the slimmed down Gloomhaven spin-off that’s coming out in a few months:

Instant buy, I think.

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Been really into making (and remaking) my own board games during Lockdown. This one’s a remake of Paperback, with the awkwardly-fitting theme taken out, rules tweaked and some nice new features. We find it plays a lot nicer and feels a little more non-gamer friendly. :slight_smile:



Finally got to play my mate’s The Thing board game last night. (@Lo-Pan)

Anyway, apart from really needing at least 5 players (which we had) I think it’s a great game. One of you is The Thing and you have to try to convince the others you’re not while sabotaging the attempts to escape.

Would recommend if you can get a group of ~5+ for each game.


Having a zoom boardgame night tomorrow. We’re two couples and a single so only three laptops are available. I found netgames.io which allows you to play Resistance, Secret Hitler, Spyfall and a few other bluffing games using your phones instead, it looks pretty good but all the games are a variation on the same theme. Does anybody know any other sites like this?

Played about three hours of ONUW on that site last night. It works really well, no lag or anything. None of us had played before but it had all the active roles displayed in game to help you keep track.

Anybody got any recommendations for roles for a 5 player game? We had one where doppelgängers and other roles lead to 4 werewolves vs one villager. The werewolves worked it out and then we’re openly saying their roles so they could all vote for the one villager to die. Pretty entertaining evening!

I bought the Arkham Horror LCG base set a month ago, on the off chance my GF might like it. We’ve played a lot of Pandemic and Ghost Stories, so I thought she’d be up for the team aspect, but it’s a level of fiddly penoid above what we’ve normally done.

Turns out she’s well into it, and we’ve now got the full Dunwich Legacy cycle and are piling hours into it. She started off thinking that using the new cards you get in the expansions was cheating, but using the “shop” in between games to improve decks is now a highlight, and we’re now tweaking about the suggested starting decks too.

I reckon I spend a good chunk of my life shuffling decks now though.

Been exclusively playing Terraforming Mars recently. What a great game it is.

Man, I really miss playing board games.

Parents got me Scythe last week for my birthday, so looking forward to digging into that soon.

We’ve been playing a lot of Jaipur, Duel and Hanamikoji. It has just been nice to have some pretty low-effort card games to put on the coffee table for an hour or so.

Would highly recommend The Crew.

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