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Morning DiS.
Anyone like a gamble? I don’t mean a flutter at the bookies, more thinking of cards (online, casino, card schools with mates) or gambling tables.
How often? What’s your biggest win/loss? Got a good system? Anything else you fancy sharing.
Chat obviously permitted

Was planning on going to the big casino in Biarritz when I was there, but then I looked up how to play the games and I was SHOCKED to learn that they’re largely games of chance!

Ahm oot.

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First time I ever played one of these games was when I was bored on a friday night - won £8k on roulette from an initial £10 bet.

That, my friends, is how they get you.

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I like poker and think I’m broadly pretty good (a few decent online wins) but not played properly since having kids because staying up till 2am isn’t viable any more.

Put it all on red

Never been to a casino. Don’t like the thought of them really. Would like to learn to play cards properly and play for small amounts, more crib and bridge, etc. A couple of my mates play, literally sit there with a bottle of rum and play all night, seems cool.

I gamble a lot on the football. Lose a fair bit on a week-by-week basis but have had a reasonable number of four-figure and high three-figure wins. Don’t really like how gambling’s becoming an intergral part of life nowadays, though. Does it increase peoples enjoyment of games and sports?

Buddy, you have no idea.

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It’s not for me, would much rather spend the money on something I have a high certainty I’ll enjoy. Went on a cruise over New Years though which had a casino, and my brother in law (who gambles on sports obsessively) went hog wild, mainly playing craps. It was a full performance every time, making friends with everyone at the table, loads of shouting, nick names, hooting and hollering. He went in with $200 on the first day though planning to stop if he lost that, but I think he ended the weekend $700 up or something. At one point I went to find him before dinner and as we walked out he placed a $100 chip on the roulette table, won and doubled his money. I was like HOLY FUCK but it didn’t move him at all. (Also he was really paranoid, kept moving the chip between red and black until the very last second because he reckoned there was a camera watching and the result would be rigged for him to lose, so he had to surprise them at the last minute. WHY PLAY A GAME YOU THINK IS RIGGED?)

I’ve been to one, once. I got an overpriced beer and watched cage fighting. It was with other DiSers actually #lads #knowwhentofoldthem


Roulette’s a killer. People who play it regularly will argue there’s an element of skill to it, but i disagree. I too won a fair bit the first couple of times i played it on a FOBT, but the beginner’s luck wore off, as per. Fair played if you scooped your £8k and knocked it on the head.

I watch people playing it, just sitting there not even pressing a button sometimes, or pressing one and doing a lap of the shop or saying a quick prayer, piling money into them. Absolute madness.

No such luck.

Also there’s literally no skill to it, at least with the electronic versions which really are just random number generators. I suppose the only ‘skill’ is knowing when to stop.

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Last week a guy at work bought a bunch of scratch cards for people instead of buying cakes for his birthday (i dunno dont ask me)

I won £6! So I cashed it in and got more.
Then I won £8! Cashed that in and got more.
THEN I won £40!

My colleague had to stop me going “I’LL HAVE £40 OF SCRATCH CARDS PLEASE”.

Other than that, nah not into it. We went to Vegas for 24 hours and I allocated $100 to gamble with. Won quite a bit without realising (I dunno how much the chips are worth!) gambled a bit more until I got bored and cashed out at $50 so not bad?

Been to a casino a couple of times as part of something else (works night out, poker tournament), seem like the most boring places in the world. I was there on a Sunday morning for a poker tournament and there was a guy absolutely going for it on the roulette. Hundreds of pounds spread right across the table on every spin, small crowd watching him. 11am on a Sunday. Nuts.

Poker is good though.

The only slight system i had with roulette is always backing the previous number. No real logic to it, but numbers seem to regularly come out twice consecutively.

vaguely related interesting article on wired

I said before in another thread, but I don’t understand how anyone can gamble on a machine. At least with roulette or something you’re witnessing a physical process and can see the result is down to chance (if you assume it’s not rigged), but a machine is literally set up to ensure that over time it makes money for its operator, how could you ever trust it?


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I do a small amount on football each week, rarely win but never lose anything I’d miss. I agree that it’s too big a part of life now. Having spent the last 6 years running a bar that showed a lot of sport it’s crazy how many people sit gazing at betting slips or phone accounts rather than actually watching games, and always annoyed me how people cared more about that then their team’s result. I’d take an Argyle win over winning a few pounds any day. For me gambling did enhance the games and races etc we’d show especially in the daytime when it’s quietish and you’ve got a handful of old fellas talking about horses, made it much more bearable to have a few quid on the races and get involved.

The mistake you’re making here is assuming rational thinking on the part of the player.

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I’ve been to casinos a few times after a night out, mainly because I could get free coffee and sandwiches. Really enjoyed playing blackjack because there is an element of skill involved and it was fun to play. I’m certainly not a gambler and would really hate the idea of actually going there because I had to win money

Edit: ‘not a gambler’: I do play the National Lottery every week