Game of Thrones - House of the Dragon

Going full steam ahead.

Are you looking forward to more GoT content?

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Did anyone bother to read Fire and Blood?

Having watched it all for the first time this winter just gone I could go for more I reckon! Given that it’s a prequel it’s probably a wee bit easier to wrap up into something cohesive and satisfying than the million unfinished plot threads that the lads who did GoT tried to deal with

The cast looks pretty good anything with Paddy Considine is always worth a watch. The show creator credits Hercules and Rampage doesn’t brim me with confidence.

They’re pissing all over the canon!


Probably gonna get sucked into this when it come out tbh. As done as I am with the original series.

Paddy Considine is perfect Westerosi casting tbf isn’t he?

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please just a little bit of moral ambiguity and some toilet humour, that’s all I ask


Couldn’t have given a fuck about any GoT spinoff but… PADDY CONSIDINE


Pissy cannon are hard to aim in battle, so that’s a mistake

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I will be watching it with high hopes and low expectations


“take place 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones.“
And take just as long to finish amirite lads

It’s in my queue atm!

Fuck sake, can’t believe HBO are forcing me to look at Matt Smith’s face

What you’ve got to do is, right, you get a balloon, inflated of course, and a stick, and you tape the balloon to the stick, and you can write on it or draw on it, whatever you like, maybe a slogan that makes you feel good or a picture of a happy memory, something to lift your spirits or so on, and then when you see Matt Smith’s face you take your balloon with its daubing of good wishes and you manoeuvre it with the stick just so until it obscures his face and brings you glad tidings instead, and you proceed like this until the scene is over.


Good cast that tbf.
Considine always good. Smith has the Dr who and crown fans on his side. Olivia Cooke is good in everything.

Would be happy if it was just Paddy Considine doing a Westerosi version of Dead Man’s Shoes tbf.

I’d have felt positive about Paddy Considine had he not been utterly shit in this otherwise-excellent BBC drama

Honestly, I have to hope it was just terrible direction work but it’s actually painful to watch him to try make his character work on screen.

Anyway, this will fail to be that great I think. Prequels are bad at the best of times but I’m not convinced this will have the characters to pull it through. That said, I’ve not read Fire and Blood but it includes an expanded version of the story in the anthology ‘Rogues’ which is okay but very dry.

Why on earth they’re doing this rather than Dunk and Egg is a bit of a mystery to me. I can only presume it’s because Dunk and Egg stories (so far) don’t have much in the way of sex or brutality, which worries me slightly, because on the other side Dunk and Egg are really good characters to base a TV series on.

weren’t the thrones already gamed tho?

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They’ve released 16 Final Fantasy games. Gotta be worth trying to sue I reckon.


Should call it
Pre-game of Thrones


Game of Chairs