Game of Thrones - House of the Dragon

I like on the ringer podcast when they said that Matt Smith had a better NFL Combine than Rickon Stark


More like house of the shagon this week


Maybe just a mid-season thing, but this is feeling a bit aimless. I think the performances and all that are largely good, just not really sure of the big picture of it all.


I thought the first 3 episodes were mostly boring, so I didn’t even watch it last night. Turns out the 4th episode heats things up and there is better intrigue.

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not an incest fan but that was class :clap::clap::clap:


has this got any more interesting? I still haven’t watched beyond ep2

Ep4 is very sexy and more GoT-y I’d say, and ep3 has a very cool battle sequence

But it’s not doing anything wildly different than the first two eps so :man_shrugging: I’m having a blast though

Good bit with the would be suitor lad disembowling his heckler - just the sort of gruesome peripheral that GoT did well


Thought Rhys Ifans was particularly excellent in this episode.

Really enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would.
Like how focussed it is.

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this is absolutely terrible

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I’m enjoying it. Politics and backstabbing > big daft action scenes


I was looking forward to it but I’m really not into this series, actually fell asleep during the latest episode. Thrones immediately got me to care about so many characters, if I didn’t like them I was at least interested, there is nobody after four episodes of this I can say that about. I’m not intrigued by the intrigue, I find it all quite drab.

I don’t like whinging and I’m going to keep watching, hopefully it picks up.

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Ive really enjoyed it but can understand why people may find it a little slow.

From next weeks teaser it looks like it moves the plot along a lot will be interesting to see what happens from there

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I think it’s fine, and I’m sure there’ll be some big twist or turn that kicks everything up a notch, but it just seems kind of a standard situation at the moment.

A king who doesn’t seem particularly good or bad is in power, the people around him (who seem varying degrees of good and bad, but none of them especially great or evil) are vying for position. There’s been what seems to be a minor military campaign quite far away. All of this I assume is a normal day for the king in that world at that time.

I assume it’s all setup so far, but I don’t really see the bigger picture. For comparison, S1 of GoT had the Jaime/Cersei thing, the attack on Bran’s life, Ned becoming hand after the last one died suspiciously: clear stakes and things that had to be resolved all set-up early on, I just don’t see that here.


the politics and backstabbing in this series are about as complex as a game of Risk though. all the characters and stories feel like a watered down knock off of GoT.


Feel like there’s a huge amount of filler rather than character deveolpement. GoT was never really about action, but so far the best of this series is the action IMO., and there isn’t much of that.

The shock and awe soft porn was done to death in GoT; thought that aspect of the new episode was cringe-inducing, as was the weird common-folk nocturnal street circus! What was that about? Do common folk not sleep after their presumably back-breaking daily jobs?

Really trying my best to like it though. They are making it very difficult.

when they were walking through the streets in disguise it felt like an episode of Maid Marian with all the ‘blimey watch it guv’nor!’ extras


also would the general public really know what the princess/prince look like? how often do they see them? their faces aren’t reproduced on money or anything as far as i can tell. seems a bit convenient that someone recognised them, maybe just cos of their hair? is there really only like 10 people in kings landing with that hair?

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