Game of Thrones - House of the Dragon

Laughed a lot a Ser Criston’s anguished " I’ve soiled my White Cloak!"This text will be blurred

We’ve all been there, mate.

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Thought it was more that Laenor’s boyfriend had twigged about him and Rhaenyra, so he figured that if he killed him and then killed himself the secret died with them?

I know he was properly cut up and being at Rhaenyra’s wedding would have been torture for him, but he seemed too level headed to kill someone (who was tangentially involved in his misery, at best) out of basically angry petulance? IDK

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I’d agree with your last point normally, but he seemed a lot more emotive this ep generally than I’d thought before, yelling about how without his role and honour he’s nothing, saying he’s bloodied his white cloak, happily accepting death if THats what Allicent dictated … just seemed a little unhinged all round by this stage

Also would have thought he’d know that if the BF knew the secret then so would Laenor. But then again there’s enough royal hanger-ons who know big secrets and use them to their advantage without ever clueing in the royalty on what they’re doing that it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think you get rid of the one semi-threatening you and then you’re in the clear

Yeah this is annoying, saw it via an Indiewire tweet before watching the latest episode, it happening with no warning would’ve been loads better. Agree on Milly Alcock/young Rheanyra being one of the stand outs in it, shame to lose Emily Carey as well after her performance last night.

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Ah you fuckers! I checked the spoilers because I’m up to date but you’ve spoiled what hasn’t even happened yet!

Don’t do that!!


After 5 episodes I’m… pretty stunned by how much I’m into this. Tried rewatching GoT recently and fell off in S4, and I didn’t enjoy a lot of what came before that either. This is definitely less fun but it’s just so much more competently put together. Slower paced too, but I feel like each episode is moving things onwards just enough. Really excited to see where they go.

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Matt Smith is obviously really good in this


cross that they made me fancy his wife and then he immediately murdered her. out of order

dead good these last two

matt smith has a tall vibe but he’s not actually very tall


Yes, 100% this.

I saw it much more as the rush of blood to the head/ frustration - very much the wrong time to be told by the BF that he should be happy staying as a bit on the side (much like Rhaenyra did) and then to have Daemon and Rhaenyra in the middle of the dance/BF knife pull all escalating things quickly

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Had a feeling the replacing some of the cast and keeping the rest thing was a stupid idea and it really does feel jarring. Will probably feel fine a few episodes, but still does undo a lot of good work from the previous cast.


Am I the only one to noticed them squeezing in the word ‘succession’ into every episode as if to try subconsciously cling itself to that show?

Also was the City Watch lad “accused” of fathering her children in the previous episodes? or has he been added with the time jump? Don’t recognise him at all.

I think he’s a new guy who’s appeared during the time jump, could be wrong though.

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That was easily the best one yet.

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Wasn’t expecting this to be laugh-a-minute, but this is pretty miserable.

I feel like my recent posts on this are all negative, but I don’t want it to come across like I’m hate-watching it, because I do enjoy it – I really like Considine in it, and all of the hand of the king stuff I always find enjoyable, and Larys is throwing in a bit of intrigue at a good stage now.

I am struggling again to see the larger direction of it all though – we’ve covered about 15 years in 6 episodes, and it feels like quite a lot of setup for (I assume) an upcoming drama over the succession after the king dies.

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Do you mean Harwyn Strong? Think he’s been in it from the start.
He was the big dude who steamed in to the massive fight at the end of the last episode, chucked Rhaenyra over his shoulder and steamed out again.


and @littleforts He appeared multiple times before the time jump! Last seen before this episode punching his way through the wedding feast crowd and carrying Rhaenyra to safety.

Sorry hadn’t seen the post above.


def saw it as him realising his shame and integrity had been compromised by someone/s he’d never imagined would know his secret. Final snapping of a mind already hugely in the throes of self-loathing, jealousy and flailing purpose

Definitely a bit jarring. I guess they weren’t expecting such a massively enthusiastic reception to the first 5 episodes and the attachment to the younger cast, they probs always planned for that to be more of a prologue before the proper war starts once Paddy C carks it. Just a shame the first ep with with the new cast was so relentlessly bleak. Grown Alicent and Rhaenyra were really good though.

Old people can get lost