Game of Thrones - House of the Dragon

If it turns out he wanted to finish off the whole thing in one go then fair enough. I’m thinking fuck all will come of it though.

It’s mad that there’s been seven TV series and four years of bitching about those seven series since he managed to release anything…

On to series 6 - Episode 1 and the ass-pulling has begun. “Khal’s widows are banished to this temple - it just never came up whilst you were leading a khalasar after your khal died.”

Obv the big fake-out at the end of series 5 is dramatic tension kryptonite too. From a series that made such a big deal of being able to kill anyone the plot armour set in very hard here.

Still uncertain if I will see this through. Not sure if time and knowing what is coming will make series 7/8 better or even more nonsensical.

Oh yeah, Melissandre is old as fuck. Forgot that bit.

Personally I would probably sleep with the necklace on. I’m 40 and my back is fucked, can’t imagine being whatever that age is helps a good night’s rest.

End of series 6 remains truly excellent.

First episode.of series 7 and so far it is ok. Waiting for it all to fall apart though.



What even happens in series 7? Genuinely can’t remember - is that the one with loads of Euron and some exciting Iron Bank financing chat?

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So far Danny has arrived at Storms End and Arya murdered all the Freys whilst wearing their father’s face, but then failed to murder Ed Sheeran whilst he was wearing his own face.

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That’s it, that’s the shark jumping moment right there :grimacing:

There are a few in S6 tbh, but knowing the last two episodes are so good kept me going. Now on a sex scene featuring a eunuch and I think Jon Snow is about to teleport around Westeros for the first time.

I will say that there are hints of the whole “mad queen” being laid quite early though - I had heard that s7&8 work better if viewed as one long series, so trying to go in with an open mind.

Now Sam is hanging around at a library though. Riveting stuff.

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Hmm… a sea battle from absolutely nowhere, with no build up. Just to hurry things along and give Theon something to think about for a bit. Bleurgh.

Makes me indescribably angry thinking about how much they fucked the ending. Reading your posts @SunnyB is giving me very strong



The battle between the two Greyjoy fleets ending in the capture of the queen of Dorne and the claimant to the throne of the Iron Islands should be a huge climactic thing. Instead it’s just tossed off as a fight between two boats that happen upon each other in the middle of an ocean with no build up or explanation. Baffling decision.

They just couldn’t be assed to take the time and the pacing really rings hollow.

Same as the cure for greyscale. An incurable death sentence feared across the world. Oh, but Sam read a book that everyone already knew about. Problem solved.

Two years between airing those seasons :rofl:

It isn’t truly awful. It may get there. It is actually ok really.

It’s just… you can’t watch it without your brain screaming ways it could be better. Highgarden, Casterly Rock and the Iron Fleet have been in major battles in the last two episodes and they’re just brushed over - that’s a two episode season climax.

Then the whole of season 8 should be the Long Night.

Then Season 9 for the war for the iron throne.

Imagine how much they could have done if they had given themselves time, the trail they could have laid to the big wtf moment. Greatest series ever, spoken of in the same sentence as the Wire and the Sopranos… but no, a race for the finish line. Just so so wasteful.


Yes and in this version you could have used a season-long Long Night to really ramp up Dany’s ruthlessness. She has to resort to extreme measures to get the job done and she consciously realises she is not just ok with that but actually relishes the power and the fear it inspires. So simple and easy to do.

Edit: Then there is an added pathos to season 9 because they are all fighting to rule a pile of ashes in a world where it has been proven for all to see that magic exists and could be used to do actual good, but no, greed and power still rule. Maybe this could trigger a revolt by the small folk or something and that is how we get to democracy.


Could have kept the High Sparrow alive to lead this movement.

7e4 (turns out I’m live-blogging this now)
Big step up in general, much closer to Old-Thrones, although what really made the first proper battle featuring a Dragon even more dramatic was Tyrion teleporting to watch it happen and then his brother getting knocked into the deepest puddle in Westeros so they could have a cliffhanger.

Again, there is more of a breadcrumb trail to the big moment than I remembered - she really really likes fire and keeps telling her advisors she wants to go and burn things.



Westeros is really small isn’t it? Tyrion to Kings Landing and back, then Jon to the Wall in 60 minutes. Wheeee!! And look, Beric and the Hound are here too. And Gendry. Whee!!!

And we’re going to kidnap a zombie. Hope we don’t run into any trouble and end up being hunted by a zombie ice dragon. That would suck.

Think this might be where the wheels started to really come off.

End of s7

Skipped most of e6. Most people complain about the badly handled heel turn in s8, but “let’s kidnap a zombie” is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen/heard. C-tier Marvel plot level bullshit.

e7 is a lot of frustrating “nearly”. That meeting at the start with all the actors finally gathered together face to face was almost brilliant, but ended up just being entertaining. Chucking in too much extraneous bullshit (Euron mocking Theon, the Hound insulting his brother) when it should have entirely revolves around Cersei and Tyrion. Like the tension of series 2 every time they shared a screen, but with a dead son a dead father and two death sentences between them.

I did think the Bran scene was handled very well. Let down by the fact that very little of consequence came of it after seasons and books of build up, but in the moment it landed well.

Also nice to see Littlefinger run out of ideas, although the writers ran out of ideas for him 7 episodes ago. Surely the correct response, if you started a civil war through secret backstabbing, to meeting someone with retrospective omniscience is to get the fucking fuck out of there, not to linger and do some half-assed plotting.

Overall s7 better than I remembered. Still a very frustrating shadow of what it was, though.

S8. Dark/terrors etc.

(Very aware no one carea at this stage. Just like writing things on the internet)