Game of Thrones - Season 7 thread

Hope you’re all ready!!

Spoiler rules…

  • For each latest episode, please use spoiler tags until Wednesday morning. After that it’s fair game to discuss the latest episode and previous episodes without needing to use spoiler tags
  • If you think it’s a spoiler, it probably is. This includes snippets/trailers for upcoming episodes.
  • If posting using a spoiler tag, please check your final post and use the edit function straight away if required
  • Please post relevant articles but highlight if they include spoilers for the latest episode
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neeeeeh ner ner neh ner ner neh neh nerrrrrr
diddle um diddle um diddle um
neeeeeh ner ner neh ner ner neh neh nerrrrrr

(that was the GoT theme)


It would be nice if nobody died and they all sat down and talked out their differences.

they culled everyone they couldn’t be arsed to think of any more story for in S6

When does it start jonny-t? I have to say my excitement for the return of Twin Peaks has far overshadowed the new series of GoT but I’ve got to watch it.

I’m so excited for/about this.

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17th according to the big billboards I’ve been cycling past

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Cheers Dave.

I’m not sure I can handle the stress.

Hope we see some boobs in this series.

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Yes it starts Sunday night (16th) in the US (with a 2am Monday morning simultaneous showing on Sky Atlantic). Then it’s Monday 17th on Sky Atlantic at 9pm.

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as long as you stick to the thread rules you’ll be fine


Will there be a separate thread for book wankers to talk about the books that haven’t even been written yet?


anyone care to do a quick summary of where we are up to for those with memory loss?

Good rule :thumbsup:

anyone you liked probably died horribly.

Thanks amigo, appreciate that people may watch at slightly different times but otherwise the thread gets a mess with spoiler tags/spoilers and people not wanting to look at the thread etc. Hopefully it’ll work out ok.

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This is good. Bring back Hot Pie!

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Excited for this. Sky planner is set to record the 2am version so I can whizz through the ads when I watch it on Monday evening!

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