Game of Thrones Vs Bake Off


I am a (Knights) watcher of:

  • Bake Off & Game of Thrones
  • Only Bake Off
  • Only Game of Thrones
  • Neither

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Game of Scones


Oh Christ, is it that time of year again already? Bracing myself for the incessant lunchtime Bake Off chat for the next, what is it, seven months? Eight months?


Also Elaina it’s the Nights Watch, not Knights, jfc.


I think that’s an easy mistake to make if you don’t read the books, they’re really like Knights


No they’re not shut up


the knight king


Direwolves In The Game of Thrones Room

what are we doing


I have not watched GBBO since it went too capitalist.


One’s for nans one’s for idiots
I’d rather be a nan


Quite tempted to buy that new Tolkein book tbh


Both for heaving tories


Yet both seemingly outrage Tories simultaneously, one for being too PC one for being too (idk, tits?)


Classic righty infighting


:open_mouth: hadn’t heard about this



too much of a tough guy to watch bake off eh?



god i hate him so much


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, cookery shows are basically all I watch on tv. No commitment, no stress, not full of bullshit or shit acting (though this has some)