Game of (where are you in line to the) throne (in your family)

Imagine your oldest living immediate relative (sibling, parent, grandparent, great grandparent etc) is the current reigning monarch. Where are you in line to the throne?

I am 9th, pretty disappointed with that

3rd. Who is the corresponding royal for that - Harry?

Prince George

Oh yeah. Keep forgetting there’s another generation of them now.

Also, I have completely messed up and posted this in the uncategorised forum. This is now the secret game, unless someone wants to move it to social

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Actually, the extra generation in my family puts me back to 7th. Disappointing.

My selfish brother and sister went and had kids so I’m 9th.

You’re Prince Edward, like me. No one wants to be Prince Edward

Not even, we’re his son!

That list misses out Princess Charlotte, don’t worry, we’re definitely Edward


Great thread, exactly the sort the uncategorized board needs. I appreciate it bc.


So you’re the heir? Lovely stuff.

The son and the heir!

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I’m 1st if it’s very Monarchy like but if we’re avoiding the patriarchy I’m 2nd as mum and dad are both obv older.

However each remarried so if we count them I’m 4th.

What about their siblings? I think we don’t count them, right? (No living grandparents left, you see.)

2nd, but reckon my da will abdicate if he knows whats good for him

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my maternal grandma’s my oldest relative. my mum’s the youngest of 4. Her 3 siblings have 6 kids between them and I’ve got an older brother. So I guess that puts me 12th in line?

Whoever the oldest one of your parents is is the monarch. It sounds like you’re first in line to the throne, as the crown would pass to their oldest child first of all.

The monarch’s partners and siblings are probably quite a way down the line of succession, you’re definitely ahead of them.

Do we have any monarchs? I mean when you think about it becoming the monarch is a bit of an upsetting thing really

Third. In that I have an older brother and parents.