Game of (where are you in line to the) throne (in your family)

Ninth - my grandfather is still going strong, then an uncle older than my dad with two sons, who have three children, then my dad, then my older brother, then me. But I guess in the event of my older brother’s reign I might have some sort of regent role.

You’re asking if anyone’s an orphan with no grandparents?


Yes I suppose I am asking that, oh dear. Forget I asked, everyone.


Christ, so close to the reign of Joffrey :fearful:

sharpens ice knife

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I’m in line for the throne but I reckon I’m fucked.

My grandparents are dead, so the incumbent is my uncle, oldest of seven. He has two daughters from two wives (divorced) one is Spanish, one is Australian. My dad is the second son an has me as his eldest so I’m in line after my father by primogeniture, unless my uncle has a son. I reckon what would happen is my Spanish cousin would attempt to seize the throne after the death of my uncle. She has loads of $$$ from her mothers side and would probably be supported by her Australian half sister (who is currently in England so my knights might be able to capture her first, she will have to be watched closely) . Spanish cousin also might be able to draw on support from my French cousins (who are my aunt’s (6/7) children and therefore miles down the line, so could be prepared to turn against me in exchange for power). One thing I have to my advantage is that most of my other cousins are ladies so I could probably count on their support in exchange for advancing the titles of their husbands… hmmm interesting


I enjoyed this post. great content.


I’m working on the basis of absolute primogeniture rather than male preference primogeniture, if that affects your calculations at all

I think that means he needs to arrange for some fatal accidents.

My Father I guess, but he is absent.
Then would my Mother, who I would see as the regning Matriarch. Then Sister, then me. then if we were including my Father, it would after me be my half brother, then my cat, then my nephew.

hmm. how do adopted kids count? presumably they count for nothing? coz my uncle would be first in line to the throne, then his kids, then what? my mam, then me, then our kid, then adopted uncle i guess? idk, monarchies are stupid. this is assuming women can be trusted with the crown, which until very recently of course they couldnt. so what does that make me, 5? and if you get rid of the stupid wimmins, then 4 (assuming my mam would baggsy it before me and adopted uncle doesnt count)

great thread, btw

I’ve done a bit more reading and I think that I’m actually a “cadet” rather than in line, even by male preference. Damn. Better get scheming.

“Children born out of wedlock and adopted children are not eligible to succeed”, apparently. Bit harsh. Reckon they’ll have to change that at some point.

In the UK, the royal family switched from male preference primogeniture to absolute primogeniture in 2011. This was hastily put through in case Prince George was a girl, I think. However, the law isn’t applied retrospectively, meaning that Princess Anne still comes after her younger brothers in line to the throne. I think for the purposes of the thread we just assume absolute primogeniture.

I have used the word primogeniture a lot in this thread

4 then. cant wait that long, time for a war against my fam

hmm, dad is the youngest in a big family, granny is still alive, lots of great-grandkids. think I could be somewhere into the thirties