Game show prizes


Following on from the Jim Bowen thread, what were/are the best and worst game show prizes?

Bruce’s Price is Right was generally a very high calibre.


No offence to the countdowners who clearly are in it for the endless coke and groupies backstage
But a fucking teapot
fuck off




Think I could very happily get to £64k in Millionaire and bow out respectfully. Mate of mine won Pointless and only got £500. Spent it in a week.

Think I’d rather have the kudos of a University Challenge/Mastermind/Only Connect prize over a financial reward.

Haha just fucking kidding


Agreed on price is right.


making an oxbridge lad cry would be an excellent prize tbf


£64k is a decent level in terms of general knowledge I think. Obviously you might get something you just don’t know before that stage, but you’d be looking to muddle through with your lifelines if that was the case.






I remember thinking the cash on Catchphrase was pretty good and then that twat Tarrant came along.


Years ago one of my cousins was on Play Your Cards Right with Brucey and won a shitload of largely useless stuff like quad bikes (not much good to him living in the middle of Bradford). He sold it all.


I’d be such an awful winner. up on the table, shirt off swinging it round my head shouting “get it right fuckin up ye”


Was genuinely thinking about signing up for the new series before they announced Clarkson.

The friend for phone a friend presumably has to be in the studio, locked away from resources this day and age? When I was a kid I always thought the show was live and they were home,furiously flicking through the Encyclopedia Britannica


Not a game show, but the gadget show offered a preposterously large haul in its prize draw.


Clarkson? New series? What the hell is this?


probably produce two cans of bud and go full stone cold



chuck them at paxman


Blind date, take me out etc. The prize being love.


And that’s why you were never asked back on Are You Smarter Than A 12 Year Old?.