Basil olive oil, mate.


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I found this thing in MORRISON called chicken seasoning. I’ve been sprinkling it on chicken breasts before cooking. Extra chickeny chicken. Incredible.

Also been combining it with the basil olive oil, tuna in sunflower oil and a couple of packets of microwave rice (pilau preferably). Beautiful. Might stick some mozzarella in. Don’t be a Conservative.

Yeah the Waitrose one is the shit. Had some last night.

Is it chicken salt?
my old housemate used to put chicken salt on loads of stuff cause she said it was an australian thing

@ma0sm @1101010 ?

Could be, or at least similar. Australians fucking love chicken salt and to me it just tasted like really salty chicken seasoning.


Seems to be a mixture of turmeric, thyme, parsley, garlic, onion, lemon peel, black pepper and salt.

Chicken seasoning is proper old school. It was about as exotic as my mum’s cooking got in the 70s.

I genuinely think that my parents discovered it on some holiday abroad.

^check out ol’chicken marckee over here


I’ve never heard of chicken salt or seen it but @ma0sm’s reply implies I’ve either not noticed or I just hang with far more sophisticated Aussies.

(I also only use salt in cooking so I don’t pay it any mind on a table.}

Is it the Dunn’s River stuff? Dunn’s River do good seasonings.

Why not just keep mixing it with the spoon? With the plate it goes everywhere!

This is a good point, and one I will raise at the next Recipe Gif Townhall

Much obliged

Seasoned chicken? Who would’ve thought

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Used to do this quite a bit.

Whizz up black pepper, sea salt, mixed herbs and bread crumbs. Rub a medium thickness layer of Dijon mustard onto the top of the chicken breast, then pour on the mix and press into the mustard. Cover in foil and bake.

Really nice to eat hot or to eat cold, sliced up in a sandwich.

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Oh, ye Gods! My roast is seasoned

I’m stealing this. If anyone asks I’m going to tell them it was all my idea and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Thank you!

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