Games completed 2021

Simple thread where you can just keep a tally of games you’ve completed this year. Definition of completed is up to you.

Story beaten.
100% platinumed.
Bailed at a certain point.
Been playing for years and calling it a day for now.

I completed all the single player races on Forza Motorsport 7 (including the 3hr endurance ones). Not entirely sure why

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Game beaten last night. Took me 243 hours and 56 minutes.


January 15th - Spiderman (PS4)

Fell just short of platinuming it, but very much enjoyed this on the whole.

The story was really good, the intro training chapter was one of the best implemented I’ve seen and it looks incredible. Animation, city, combat, lighting… All phenomenal.

Suffered from a LOT of repetition and padding in terms of street level random events and Sable / Demon crimes but I loved the main campaign, a lot of the side quests and enjoyed the geekery of the backpack / photo / suit stuff.

Definitely excited to one day play Miles Morales knowing it’s shorter and tighter.


Woah! That’s a hell of a playtime.

Love the look of this. What were your thoughts on it? Might start Bloodborne tonight…


It’s the end of my Souls run through first time with the exception of Demon’s Souls which I have for PS3 but have only ever gotten to the first boss.

It’s the longest of my playthroughs although they all took me ages. I spent 50 hours on 1 boss and 30 on another. Sekiro is a great game but it’s not for everyone. When it clicks it is fantastic and delivers a lot of real exhilaration. It is still relatively expensive, but worth every single penny.

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This is useful for me since I have a halfhearted resolution to get through my backlog this year:

So far I think I’ve done:

A Short Hike
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars
Doom (original)*

*Only the first chapter but it has credits after and I’m not fussed to do anymore


If you decide to play it, or Bloodborne for that matter theres’s loads of great advice in the Dark Souls thread. Good community,


Definitely! Relied on it when I beat Dark Souls a year or so back. This’ll only be my second Souls game when I start it.

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So far:
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla - PS5
Spodey Miles Moralis - PS5
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone - PS1
007 Agent Under Fire - PS2

Two of those were started last year obv.

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Resident Evil 2 Remake. Just finished Claire’s second run for the true ending so think I’m finished. Enjoyed it way more than I was expecting to… right balance of scary/silly. I think it took me about 15 hours to do both playthroughs which feels right. I’ve put double that into Valhalla and don’t think I’m even a quarter way done, so nice to feel like I’ve achieved something.

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got a google doc for this going back to 2016, so far 222 games on there

  1. Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse.

Quite similar to, but better than, Castlevania.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake.

I imagine that will be it as well tbh.

I hope you enjoyed it

Thanks Bammers. I mostly didn’t tbh, I wish they’d just done a straight remake. I like the idea of what they tried but I didn’t like the execution. It was still worth it for some transcendly nostalgic moments and I’ll play the other parts if they ever make them but, given I literally bought my PS4 the day they dropped that trailer for it and then I waited seven years or however long it was, it disappointed me.

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that’s a shame, I still haven’t tried it yet. Sometimes I like to just listen to the old music from FFVII on youtube and get emotional about all the ways my life has turned out. It’s the best

Me too, man. Me too. (But on Spotify, not YouTube)

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i finished the last of us part II. it was ok and sometimes quite good

HP and the chamber of secrets - ps1

Short and sweet. That’s my last interaction with this franchise until nostalgia gets the better of me again