Games completed 2021

I liked Wide Ocean. Its sense of humour clicked with me, and it felt well-observed (though I’ve never been on that kind of camping trip, so what do I know).

I think I’ve only completed one game since I last posted in this thread - Fantasian. It’s the Apple Arcade Final Fantasy with physical models for backgrounds. Looks cute about half the time, when it’s clear the background is a model, but a lot of the time there’s this processing on the images that makes things look like bland digital art, which kind of defeats the point.

I had fun, especially in combat, though they only really introduce speccing out your character in the final tenth of the game (there’s meant to be a second part later in the year). No idea how it stacks up against Final Fantasy games, as I’ve never played one.

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  1. Zombie Army 4

Not a bad Left4Dead clone - thought the campaign was fun but a bit too long for its own good. But the moment to moment shooty shooty was good enough to carry it.

  1. Oddworld: Soulstorm
    The crafting is unnecessary - the start of the game isn’t great - when it gets into it’s groove around halfway in it becomes one of the best the series has to offer but the bumbling tutorial stages really were off putting. But the 2nd half of the game was fantastic - albeit full of frustration due to the sheer stupidity of the Mudokens. Played better than New N Tasty
  1. Genesis Noir*

Really enjoyed this visual jazz narrative adventure whilst it lasted - I had to watch the final 2 chapters due to a game breaking bug which made it impossible for me to finish. Fantastic art direction, music and animation made for a very striking game and one of the best ‘walking simulators’ I’ve played in recent times. Not sure I 100% struck a chord with the overall astrological slant it was going for but the rest of it was pretty great. Very captivating and easy afternoon well spent

Games I’ve completed this year:

  1. Shrouded Isle
  2. The Adventure Pals
  3. Slay The Spire (had completed it previously many times, but finally completed all ascension levels for all characters)
  4. Murder By Numbers
  5. Minit
  6. Super Mario 3D World
  7. Bowser’s Fury
  8. Children Of Morta
  1. Second Extinction

Not sure if this counts but I’ve done all the ‘campaign’ missions in this game - it’s okay - can see it being in a good place with another years worth of content updates. As is the loop is kinda shallow - love the lighting though and it is fun to mindlessly mow down dinosaurs.

01. Hades. I guess. Inasmuch as you can ever finish it. Brilliant game.

02. God of War. Got really into the sidequests while playing the main game and then had to torture myself by grinding out the Platinum. Actually only Niflheim felt like a slog tbh. The Lake Spirit sidequests all worked together to give an unexpectedly sensitive exploration of grief and loss. Very good game that could’ve been great with a few more decent boss fights or even just some variety rather than the Valkyries all having variations on the same moveset.

Would turn off the Playstation and go outside but it’s absolutely pissing down.

Kentucky Route Zero (TV edition) - have spent this morning weeping in the shower to the soundtrack. A strong 10/10.

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BOTW- obviously a great game but didn’t love it as much as everyone else. Just found it hard to fall in love with something that has almost zero story. I wish there was more side quests like tarry town where you actually care about NPC’s. 8/10

Pokemon Shield: this one I actually liked way more than everyone else. It definitely helped that I hadn’t played a Pokemon game since Ruby. I got fully obsessed with it and found it so much fun. It could have been harder but all the quality of life improvements were appreciated. 9/10

Couldn’t agree more


This inspired me to go back and finish it after leaving it stuck in limbo for a bit in Act IV. Great stuff, such a unique atmosphere. I thought some bits were on the dry side, but the highs were really special

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Jumping through hoops to try and use my Switch pro controller on my M1 mac. Got to try and install the newest Big Sur beta which apparently has a fix for it.

Edit - wrong thread

Bioshock 9/10

Third time playing Bioshock, on Switch this time. Still ace. Ended up playing mostly on easy and had a great time exploring and taking in the story. Might have a look at the DLC challenge things.

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Disco Elysium - Wonderful. it’s a dense, hilarious and tragic novel that you play rather than read. The world building and character depth are second to none and the voice acting is magnificent. It’s really something very special.

It’s right alongside divinity 2 as the two best rpgs I’ve ever played. Both are spectacularly good in their own way.


Completed Thimbleweed Park, I enjoyed it less and less as the game went on.

Next game for me is Golf Story

  1. Graceful Explosion Machine

Subnautica - 8/10, really enjoyed my time with it overall but by gum the end game was buggy. Kind of took the shine off the experience which is a real shame.

Hmm, considering this for Switch when it arrives. Given it’s taken so long I hope the bugs will be at least not that?

Just finished A Short Hike - Initially I was fairly ambivalent but once I got the hang of how it actually worked it was a lot better.

It did include my biggest bugbear which is ‘move controls are relative to the camera position’ which doesn’t sound so bad but it combines it with a roving camera you can’t control. E.g. I’m climbing a mountain face that I am looking at so I’m hitting forward/up and Z…that’s fine but halfway up the camera decides it has to rotate 180 degrees and before I can move my fingers up/forward is now ‘away’ from the cliff so I’m gliding off in the other direction. Just such a stupid system. It’s the second time I’ve encountered it and I’m going to assume maybe it’s something about the engine people use to make these games.

the same happens on Subnautica and it pisses me off, especially when I’m trying to do a fast vertical climb from 300m below sea level through a complex cave system and suddenly my compass flips 180° and I drown/smash my Seamoth

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